Cult of the Lamb’s huge free Relics of the Old Faith replace is out now

A serious free replace for Cult of the Lamb has been launched, with Relics of the Old Faith considerably including a brand new post-game story, revamping bosses and enemies, and including a brand new picture mode besides.

The brand new post-game storyline emerges after defeating the ultimate boss in the primary story, a brand new otherworldly being giving the Lamb a brand new activity. As you delve into this mode, you’ll run into the truth that each boss has been revamped with new and more durable assault patterns, as a manner of including extra fight depth and issue in response to participant suggestions.

Every of the 5 weapon sorts now has a brand new heavy assault, such because the Axe being thrown like a boomerang, a ranged assault of Daggers or a twister like spin assault with the Gauntlet.

By the post-game you’ll be capable of full new challenges that make it possible to earn beforehand missed doctrines in addition to new Follower skills with necklaces and new kinds. There’s additionally the titular Relics, giving which grant highly effective new skills, with the brand new character Chemach being their keeper who you’ll encounter whereas crusading.

Right here’s the total Cult of the Lamb Relics of the Old Faith patch notes:

New Content material

  • Added a brand new storyline which begins after finishing the bottom sport.
  • Added 37 new Relics with varied powers which have to be collected by the participant.
  • All 5 Weapons received a brand new Heavy Assault and Degree 2 Heavy Assault.
  • Added new Sermon upgrades that unlock further harm, Relics, Heavy Assaults, and a brand new means to reroll your Weapons and Curses on Crusades.
  • Added new Crusades, that are encountered after the bottom sport.
  • Added 13 new Encounters with varied Characters and cutscenes.
  • Added many new Fight rooms, with new traps comparable to rivers, swinging axes, and so forth.
  • Added Fish, Meat, and Relic rooms.
  • Added 6 new Enemies to struggle in new Crusades.
  • Added 16 new Minibosses to struggle in new Crusades.
  • Added 4 new Bishop transformations to struggle in new Crusades.
  • Added Chemach – a brand new Character who offers Relics.
  • Added ??? – a brand new Character who gives quests and opens a store that accepts God Tears.
  • Added Forgotten Commandment Stones  – a brand new useful resource used to unlock Doctrines you didn’t select up to now.
  • Added 6 new Necklaces to acquire in ???’s store.
  • Added 7 new Tarot Playing cards to gather.
  • Added 2 new Critters – Jellyfish in Anchordeep and Relic Goat from Relics.
  • Added 4 new Buildings – Kitchen, Shared Shelter, Crypt, and Morgue with some having extra upgrades.
  • Added 11 new Followers obtainable in varied methods by means of gameplay, and seven earlier Twitch Followers obtainable by means of ???’s store.
  • Added 2 new Twitch Follower Types solely at present obtainable as Twitch Drops for Steam (shall be obtainable for different platforms sooner or later by means of regular gameplay.)
  • Added 6 new particular Followers – Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, Shamura, Baal, and Aym.
  • Added new quests, together with some secret quests.
  • Added 5 new Fleeces – obtained by means of varied quests and fight.
  • Added Purgatory – a brand new technique to struggle in Dungeon Gauntlet and Boss Rush. Use Fleeces to struggle in new methods towards bosses from the bottom sport.
  • Added the power to re-fight Baal, Aym, and The One Who Waits in Purgatory.


Picture Mode

  • Added a Picture Mode that means that you can tilt, change top, and focus, and take Images whereas pausing the sport.
  • Added a Gallery to view your Images taken whereas utilizing Picture Mode.
  • Added Edit choice in Gallery that permits the participant so as to add, scale, flip, rotate and undo Stickers.
  • Added 88 new Stickers, with the power to Clear and Undo.


  • Can now toggle a setting to show follower names above their heads.
  • Tutorial tooltips can now be navigated with the mouse.
  • Tutorial tooltips now present button controls.
  • A Permadeath Mode has now been added, unlocked after ending the bottom sport as soon as.


  • Dyslexic Fonts (English solely) – font choice to permit simpler studying for these with dyslexia.
  • Numbers as Roman Numerals – change roman numerals within the sport to arabic numerals.
  • Cease Time on Campaign – time will pause within the Cult whereas visiting Crusades.
  • Present Construct Mode Filter – the participant is now capable of flip off the total display blue construct mode filter.
  • Excessive Distinction textual content choice – units textual content to a clearer shade the place applicable for a neater studying expertise.
  • Take away Textual content Styling – now you can flip off all daring and italic textual content for a neater studying expertise.
  • Foremost Menu Darkish Mode – change the primary menu to darkish mode.
  • The Flashing Lights choice has been improved.
  • Take away Lighting Results – flip off varied lighting and day/night time visible results.


  • Relics of the Old Faith – Gather all Relics.
  • Shake Down – Get your Coin again from Midas.
  • True Love Discovered – Reunite Aym and Baal with Forneus.
  • Chief of Leaders – Indoctrinate all 5 Bishops into your Cult.

Heretic DLC Pack

  • Added 5 new Follower Types.
  • Added 8 new Decorations.
  • Added a brand new ornamental Fleece.

Balancing & Bug Fixes

  • Fishing charges had been adjusted to forestall the participant from fishing too lengthy.
  • Mushroom drops in Anura had been raised.
  • Dagger harm was raised barely.
  • Fleece of the Diseased Coronary heart was rebalanced with an added dodging minigame.
  • The Shrine will not give Cash when finishing upgrades after the bottom sport and provides God Tears as an alternative.
  • Cloud shadows had been enabled once more after unintentionally being disabled on PC.
  • Many optimizations had been added to clean gameplay for decrease reminiscence {hardware}.
  • Some miscellaneous common enhancements.
  • Many small bug fixes.

Cult of the Lamb was one in every of final 12 months’s indie hits, Huge Monster’s quirky roguelite and cult simulator mash-up shepherded to launch by Devolver Digital. In our review, Nic stated, “I really can’t give enough praise to the team at Massive Monster for creating something unique and memorable, and also one of the best indie games I’ve played in a long time. Sure, there’s a few rough edges, but this charmingly bloodthirsty lamb that’s hell-bent on slaying the unbaalievers has earned a special place in my heart.”

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