Reviled To Golf is starting on August eighteenth

Cursed To Golf will be delivered on August eighteenth, Thunderful and Chuhai Labs have declared today. The affirmed stages for the game incorporate PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The roguelite golf match-up places players in the shoes of a nearly golf champion who kicks the bucket prior to coming out on top for the championship, and winds up in Golf Purgatory.


“We can’t wait for players to hit our dungeon-like course on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC this August 18th,” said Chuhai Labs’ Game Director Liam Edwards. “The reception to Cursed to Golf from players and media alike has been phenomenal so far and I’m really excited to see them unleashed onto our online leaderboards, good luck beating my scores!”

“If you like golf and you like being cursed, then boy do we have the game for you,” said Mark Lentz, Producer at Chuhai Labs. “In fact, if neither of those two things are up your alley, then Cursed to Golf will still blow your mind. Believe it!”

The point of the game in Cursed To Golf is for players to overcome the changing 18 opening direction in Purgatory while heading through biomes like Purgatory, The Oasis, The Caverns and Hell. Each course will have risks like explosives, spikes, and grabbers. However, to counter these players will get an intermittent enhancer through ACE cards that offer rewards, alongside things that can give things like additional shots or uncover shortcuts.

You won’t simply move from one opening to another. Players will actually want to cruise all over the guide to find card packs, money boxes, and somebody who might offer you some accommodating guidance. There is additionally the Eterni-Tee shop to visit where things like outfits, exceptional cards, and card promoter packs can be purchased.

In our preview for Cursed to Golf, Stefan composed, “From a quick sprint through the demo, Cursed to Golf is shaping up really nicely. It’s accessible, it’s full of daft and fun ideas, but there’s sure to be a meaner degree of difficulty through later biomes and boss battles. This is definitely one to keep an eye on for when it releases this summer.”

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