Last Fantasy XV Switch Project Teased By Director


Final Fantasy XV chief Hajime Tabata and the remainder of the group have been truly investing a great deal of energy on extending the title and its universe as of late, reporting a mobile version of FFXV and a PC version that is in progress. So far, the main stage that doesn’t have anything to do with FFXV was the Nintendo Switch and, surprisingly, that may be a relic of past times in the event that new remarks by Tabata are to be taken at face value.

During Final Fantasy XV’s Twitch live stream at Gamescom 2017 recently, a client inquired as to whether there some other ventures anticipated FFXV later on. This question incited Tabata to express that the improvement group believes that should do however much it can with the universe and that additional that they truly like the game control center with the name that sounds like “Twitch,” so it is something that they are appropriately pondering at the moment.

Unfortunately, he went before this remark by expressing that he was unable to meticulously describe the situation, so anything he and the remainder of the group are really arranging will probably be hush for very some time.

Here’s the clasp where everything went down:

Despite what he said, there is almost zero excuse not to essentially expect some sort of FFXV– related venture to stir things up around town as of now. Since its send off, Final Fantasy XV has seen gotten different updates, side projects and DLC, with more coming. Moreover, Nintendo is no more unusual to Final Fantasy side projects, with any semblance of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings gracing its control center and handhelds previously. Furthermore, in the event that you consider that Switch can be utilized a handheld, it nearly appears like a Final Fantasy XV Switch title, regardless of it just being around for a couple of months.

Regardless, don’t come first or Tabata’s thoughts as affirmation for a Final Fantasy XV Switch title, as the most exertion the group has done towards such a venture is only pondering it.

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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