Candy Chainsaw redo coming in 2023

After being teased last month, a Lollipop Chainsaw revamp has formally been declared by Dragami Games.


Yoshimi Yasuda, CEO of Dragami Games and maker on the first Lollipop Chainsaw, affirmed that the undertaking is being developed with an arranged send off in 2023. Stages presently can’t seem to be uncovered however we’ll probably see it show up on PlayStation frameworks and perhaps the Nintendo Switch at the very least.

The studio hasn’t shared any recording from the Lollipop Chainsaw change, however guarantees visual improvements for the silly zombie-killing activity game. Furthermore, it’s been affirmed that staff who dealt with the first will get back to assist with carrying the game to another crowd. Delivered in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Yasuda features that it is so challenging to get to the game on current frameworks, this being essential for his inspiration to bring LC back from the dead.

Lollipop Chainsaw has players assume the job of team promoter Juliet Starling, who ends up in a zombie end of the world on her eighteenth birthday celebration. In the interest of personal entertainment is her sweetheart Nick. Indeed, his actually living beheaded head that Juliet cut off after he was nibbled by a zombie. Fortunately for him, Juliet comes from a group of zombie trackers. In the game, Juliet utilizes a trimming tool to kill zombies which vanish in shines. This element would later impact James Gunn’s expressive decision for 2021’s Suicide Squad when Harley Quinn goes on a rampage.

In our review, Tuffcub didn’t leave away excessively intrigued by the game, composing, “Lollipop Chainsaw includes probably the crudest language heard on a computer game, scarcely a second goes purchase without an affront being flung and this is impeccably shown by the primary supervisor fight. Zed, an underground rocker who assaults by expressing curse words which then show up on screen in colossal letters and rush towards Juliette. You can in a real sense be killed by the word ‘Cocksucker’.

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