My Lovely Wife will be delivered on PC and Switch in June

My Lovely Wife will be delivered on PC and Nintendo Switch on June eighth, Neon Doctrine and GameChanger Studio have affirmed. The game is a blend of a dating sim, the board sim, and speculative chemistry sim. The story is set around a man named Jake attempting to bring his better half resurrected, yet to do this he wants to cultivate lustful energy from succubi. To do that he needs to basically pimp them out. Indeed, you read that right.


The key elements for My Lovely Wife include:

  • A blend of dating, the board and speculative chemistry recreations in one game.
  • Get to know every one of the twenty unique succubi: their accounts, their desires, and their characters… Before you double-cross them.
  • Over forty endings including one for every one of the succubi along with two primary endings for finishing Jake’s dim desires.
  • A gothic dream craftsmanship style befitting the game’s troubling nature.
  • An scary soundtrack to send shudders down your spine.
  • An uncanny love predicament as Jake should pound the existences of others to save his dear Luna.

In our preview for My Lovely Wife, I wrote: “My Lovely Wife throws up a moral quandary for players and will lead you to explore your own ideas. The succubi may be demons, but in essence they are women who have been summoned against their will, been bound, and essentially forced into sex work to meet the desires of Jake, no matter how uneasy he is about the whole thing. While attachments can be formed with them, it comes at a cost of making them fall in love with Jake, which is sure to be unrequited as he is exploiting them to bring back Luna. You really have to ask is the cost of murder and sex work worth the price of bringing her back?”

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