Nintendo Switch Sports update adds more Leg Strap support, new Volleyball moves and more one week from now

Nintendo has declared that a free Nintendo Switch Sports update will deliver one week from now on 27th July, adding more extensive help for the Leg Strap inside the football match-up modes, new volleyball moves, and Friend Matches.

The game update will be delivered on 27th July at 2AM BST UK time – that is 26th July 6 PM PDT and 9PM EDT in North America – and will be a free update to the game.


Once refreshed, the greatest new expansion will be the capacity to utilize the leg tie accomplice to join a Joy-Con to your leg for 1v1 and 4v4 matches. At send off, the leg lash was just usable for the objective scoring small game that was a great little to the side to the game. You’ll have the option to involve a similar actual kicking movements in full matches now, as well as making a running movement set up to run in game. There’s a reward to playing like this as your in-game kicks will be more powerful!

The update additionally adds new Volleyball moves to test. The Slide Attack and Rocket Serve will assist with making your play less unsurprising to ideally get through some steadfast protective play on the opposite side of the net.

Finally, Nintendo has helped the in-game rankings. Assuming you play in the Pro League on the web, you can now go for the new S Rank and ∞ Rank. You can likewise now play with your companions utilizing Room IDs to join entryways together.

There’s all the more on the way to Switch Sports, with a fall update coming that will add golf as another game to play.

Nintendo Switch Sports Football

A restoration of the exemplary Wii Sports series for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Sports sent off back in April bringing a combination of both new and bringing sports back. Notwithstanding, was it enough? In our Nintendo Switch Sports review, Jason said:

“Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun reminder of the Wii Sports craze, bringing back some classic sports and adding some new ones that make use of the Joy-Con and motion controls in more advanced ways. It’s all just a bit shallow, though, and difficult to wholeheartedly recommend unless you expect to play online a lot or constantly break it out for local head-to-head battles.”

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