OlliOlli World VOID Riders is the game’s most memorable DLC extension

Roll7’s side-looking over skating match-up OlliOlli World will accept its most memorable DLC development one month from now. VOID RIders will be delivered on fifteenth June across all send off stages, and will be the first of two anticipated the game.


OlliOlli World VOID Riders will toss a lot of new outsider themed content into the game as the “extra steezy” extraterrestrials Sair’Rah, Khehvyn, and Pftangxi show up in Radlandia, goal on kidnapping the best skaters out there for their ruler, the strong Nebulord.

If you’ve played OlliOlli World as of now, then that ignorant tone will totally fit and sound good to you, as the game is extended with another universe of difficulties, space-age stuff to open as you drudgery and stunt through the VOID. New transportation force mechanics will shake things up, while you stunt and attempt to dazzle the Nebulord with your skill.

VOID Riders will be evaluated at £9.99, while those purchasing the Rad Edition of the game for £35.99 will have it packaged in close by the impending second DLC extension (expected in late 2022) and the ‘Close Encounter Skate Deck’ cosmetic.

OlliOlli World was a re-visitation of skating for engineer Roll7, having fiddled with side-looking over shooters with Not a Hero and future sporting events as Laser League. It carried a pristine style to the series visuals with 3D delivered universes and an idiosyncratic, laid back however extreme disposition, while presenting an entire host of new ongoing interaction thoughts en route. In our OlliOlli World review I wrote:

“Behind the chilled out vibes of OlliOlli World’s new art style, happy-go-lucky characters and eccentric customisation, this game takes Roll7’s flow-state side-scrolling skating to new heights. It’s a tad more welcoming for newcomers, but even OlliOlli 2 veterans will have plenty of new tricks to learn and master through its increasingly wild and challenging levels.”

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