Shadows of the Damned Remaster has been confirmed

Grasshopper Manufacture has introduced Shadows of the Damned Remaster, the third particular person motion shooter that initially launched in 2011. There isn’t a launch date but or affirmation of platforms for Shadows of the Damned Remaster, however there could also be particulars of that in Grasshopper Manufacture’s direct on June fifteenth.

The story follows demon hunter Garcia Hotspur who comes dwelling to seek out that the Lord of Demons has kidnapped his girlfriend, and can kill her again and again within the underworld. Garcia can’t cease him initially, however he descends to the underworld along with his demon ally Johnson. Johnson can also be Garcia’s important weapon taking up the form of a gun, in addition to taking the type of a torch and bike too. The sport does have some environmental puzzles to finish too, which Garcia navigates by utilizing gentle bullets to push again the darkness. The darkness is pockets of the underworld that will injury Garcia, taking his well being and ultimately killing him if he stays in these areas for too lengthy.

In our authentic 2011 evaluate for Shadows of the Damned, nofi wrote,“Shadows Of The Damned provides eight hours or so of some of the best third person shooting we’ve seen for ages – it’s well produced, expertly paced and deliciously funny.  It’s not scary, by any stretch, but it doesn’t need or want to be – this isn’t played for scares, more for cheap shock and fun, and it manages that perfectly.  Sure, it’s not for everyone and once it’s done it’s done (there’s no New Game +) but if you’re looking for something to blast through this weekend this might just be your tonic.”

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