Super Smash Bros. Extreme Adds Dragon Quest Heroes


Super Smash Bros. Extreme was the focal point of Nintendo’s E3 show last year, were they expressed “Everybody is here!” That ended up being the situation around then, yet the game is helping more characters through the Fighter Pass, the first was two or three months prior. We’ve been holding back to figure out who else was coming and Nintendo got going their E3 Nintendo Direct with that information.

With a lovely CGI trailer, we see Link warding off the malevolent variants of Marth and Meta Knight, before he is saved by the Hero from Dragon Quest. While spills explicitly expressed we would get Erdrick, the one that saves him is shockingly the Hero from Dragon Quest 11 at first.

However, the trailer then, at that point, rapidly shows that he isn’t the only one, with him having three different skins from the series, including Erdrick from Dragon Quest 3 and the variant from Dragon Quest 8 as well.

The characters look incredible, with the use of a real RPG like meter to choose enchantment assaults and such as well. They additionally accompany a Final Smash like Mega Man’s that unites the heroes from all through the series together.

The Hero from Dragon Quest will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Extreme at some point this summer.

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