Xbox exclusives Pentiment and Grounded confirmed for Nintendo Switch

Microsoft has confirmed the primary two video games of their new push for extra cross-platform gaming, with Pentiment and Grounded each set to launch for Nintendo Switch.

Pentiment might be popping out first, releasing tomorrow, twenty second February. Grounded is then launching in a pair months on sixteenth April.

This isn’t the primary time that Microsoft has revealed Xbox exclusives on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld, with Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps each ported throughout in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Nonetheless, these are the primary two video games of four that Microsoft has stated are being ported to consoles other than Xbox.

These had been each rumoured and anticipated video games to obtain this remedy, as effectively. Microsoft stated that two of the 4 video games had been smaller titles that had perhaps not been initially conceived as exclusives, after which two could be stay service video games. Pentiment would fall into the primary class and Grounded into the second.

The opposite two are anticipated to be Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves, although the latter of those two could possibly be fairly a bit of labor to squish right down to run on the Nintendo Switch.

Pentiment is a story thriller set in Medieval Bavaria, the place you play as a younger artist who’s wrapped up in a homicide thriller that has ramifications for the city by way of the many years. It additionally has a captivating artwork type akin to a medieval manuscript.

In our Pentiment review, Steve stated, “While an interest in the historical setting would obviously add to the experience, the writing alone is good enough to draw any fans of adventure games in and there are so many superb details that really show the depth of the developer’s engagement with their influences. If the past is a foreign country, then grab your passports and get ready to be illuminated.”

In the meantime, Grounded is a bit like Honey, I Shrunk the Youngsters, however a co-op survival sport the place you construct a base, discover the encircling outsized backyard, and defend yourselves from offended bugs, all whereas looking for out how and why you bought shrunk!

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