Best Shadowheart Build In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Shadowheart is an extremely helpful companion in Baldur’s Gate 3, so it’s helpful to know her greatest construct. I by no means as soon as had her depart my get together, being that she is a wonderful healer, assist, and fighter with the appropriate construct.

However I quickly got here to appreciate I didn’t assume she suited the Trickery area very nicely. In order for you a Shadowheart who has some unimaginable AoE assaults, but additionally serves as a devoted healer, proceed studying.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Mild area Shadowheart construct

There are fairly a number of completely different subclasses for Clerics, however I discover that the Mild Area produces very highly effective spellcasters. Whereas the Life Area is arguably the perfect Cleric subclass, the Mild Area permits Shadowheart to lean into being a well-rounded assist character. When you attain the very best ranges, Shadowheart features some wonderful spells that I can’t do with out. Learn on to learn how to construct the perfect Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Best Shadowheart skill scores and abilities in Baldur’s Gate 3

In case you’re seeking to respec Shadowheart’s important skill scores, here’s a suggestion on how it is best to quantity them:

  • Energy: 11
  • Dexterity: 13
  • Structure: 16 (+1)
  • Intelligence: 9
  • Knowledge: 17 (+2)
  • Charisma: 8

Shadowheart begins with the +1 bonus on Energy. Whereas this can be good to your Cleric if she’s Warfare Area, it’s greatest to have her Structure be the second-highest rating. Not solely does it give her additional well being, however she’ll have higher possibilities at succeeding on Focus checks, that are Structure saving throws. Shadowheart has loads of spells that require Focus, so aside from her Knowledge, Structure needs to be comparatively excessive.

When selecting which abilities Shadowheart ought to most undoubtedly have Proficiencies in, go for Drugs and Insight. Each are Knowledge-based abilities, so your Proficiency bonus can be additional excessive with them. Clerics will discover the Drugs talent helpful, and Insight is nice for detecting whether or not somebody is being truthful or not.

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Should You Kill Or Save Nightsong In Baldurs Gate 3 Shar
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Shadowheart Mild area leveling information

  • Stage 1
    • Select the Mild Area.
      • Area Spells: Faerie Fireplace, Burning Palms.
      • Warding Flare characteristic: Use your response to impose Drawback on the attacker. Attacker is proof against impact in the event that they can’t be blinded.
      • Mild characteristic (Cantrip): Infuse an object with an aura of sunshine.
  • Stage 2
    • Channel Divinity Expenses
      • Flip Undead: Any undead in 9m vary is Turned and compelled to flee on its subsequent three turns till it takes injury.
      • Radiance of the Daybreak: 2d10 + (Cleric stage) Radiant injury. Enemies in 9m vary make a CON save, if succeed take half injury.
    • Unlocks Stage 2 spells.
  • Stage 3
    • Area Spells: Flaming Sphere, Scorching Ray.
  • Stage 4
    • Feat: Warfare Caster
      • Acquire benefit on saving throws to keep up Focus on a spell.
      • Can solid Surprising Grasp as a response when a goal strikes out of your melee vary.
  • Stage 5
    • Area Spells: Daylight, Fireball.
    • Channel Divinity: Destroy Undead
      • In case you efficiently Turned an undead with Flip Undead, it additionally takes 1d6 Radiant injury.
    • Unlocks Stage 3 spells.
  • Stage 6
    • +1 Channel Divinity Cost
    • Improved Warding Flare Characteristic: Identical as Warding Flare, besides you should use response when allies are getting attacked too.
  • Stage 7
    • Area Spells: Wall of Fireplace, Guardian of Religion.
    • Unlocks Stage 4 spells.
  • Stage 8
    • Feat: Capability Rating Enchancment
      • Increase Knowledge rating by +2
    • Potent Spellcasting characteristic: You’ll be able to add your Knowledge modifier to wreck you take care of Cleric Cantrips.
  • Stage 9
    • Area Spells: Flame Strike, Damaging Wave
    • Unlocks Stage 5 spells.
  • Stage 10
    • Divine Intervention Characteristic: Name upon your God for help. Can solely be used as soon as and by no means once more.
      • Arm Thy Servant: Grants you a legendary weapon.
      • Golden Generosity: Creates a chest with camp provides and potions.
      • Opulent Revival: Resurrects fallen allies with half their HP inside an 18m radius.
      • Sunder the Heretical: Offers 8d10 Radiant injury to all enemies inside 15m. Should make a WIS save, if succeeds take half injury.
  • Stage 11
  • Stage 12
    • Feat: Protect Grasp
      • Acquire a +2 bonus to Dexterity saving throws whereas wielding a protect. If a spell forces you to make one, you should use a response to protect your self and diminish the injury. On a failed throw, speak half injury. On a succeeded throw, take no injury.

The principle reasoning behind making Shadowheart a Mild Area Cleric is actually due to her Area Spells. At Stage 9, Shadowheart can solid Damaging Wave, utilizing both Necrotic or Radiant injury. This can be a very highly effective AoE assault that may wipe out total enemies. Flame Strike can also be an unimaginable AoE spell, so Shadowheart was at all times the one to take out clusters of enemies.

Additionally, Shadowheart will need to have the Warfare Caster feat. She’s one of many few folks in your get together who’ll be Concentrating on spells most, and she or he wants that benefit on CON saving throws. It’s additionally essential to present her Knowledge a lift, however when you get to your final feat, Protect Grasp is ideal. Since she was the one one in my get together to make use of a protect, I assumed it was a fantastic addition to her construct.

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Baldur's Gate 3 Shadowheart

Best spells for Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3

Apart from her Area Spells, there are many Cleric spells that Shadowheart could make use of. Here’s a listing of a number of the greatest spells per spell stage. My mostly used and favourite of those spells must be Inflict Wounds, Spirit Guardians, and Guiding Bolt.

  • Stage 1 spells
    • Treatment Wounds
    • Guiding Bolt
    • Inflict Wounds
  • Stage 2 spells
    • Lesser Restoration
    • Prayer of Therapeutic
    • Religious Weapon
  • Stage 3 spells
    • Revivify
    • Spirit Guardians
    • Mass Therapeutic Phrase
  • Stage 4 spells
  • Stage 5 spells
    • Mass Treatment Wounds
    • Higher Restoration
    • Insect Plague
  • Stage 6 spells
    • Heal
    • Hurt
    • Heroes’ Feast

The Life Area makes your therapeutic spells extra highly effective due to Disciple of Life, Protect Life, and Blessed Healer. Nevertheless, to make Shadowheart extra well-rounded, the Mild Area is the best way to go. Shadowheart naturally has numerous therapeutic capabilities as a result of she is a Cleric, so going with the Mild Area permits her to realize extremely robust spells whereas additionally being a robust healer.

Best Feats for Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Warfare Caster: Offers benefit on focus checks to keep up focus spells, and permits her to solid Surprising Grasp for an Alternative Assault. She’ll be utilizing focus spells usually, so it is a very important Feat.
  • Protect Grasp: Since Shadowheart works nicely with shields, it’ll grant her +2 to DEX saving throws whereas holding a protect. Additionally if you happen to succeed at DEX saving throws towards a spell, you’ll be able to take completely no injury.
  • Spell Sniper: As Shadowheart can be counting on spells very often, this Feat lets you study a Cantrip, alongside with the ability to rating a crucial hit on each a 19 and 20.

There are numerous nice Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3, however Warfare Caster, Protect Grasp, and Spell Sniper are a number of the greatest ones you’ll be able to take for Shadowheart. Nevertheless, they undoubtedly aren’t the perfect Feats for the best Astarion build in BG3.

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