Breachway is a deck-building house roguelike coming in 2023

Breachway has been revealed by Hooded Horse and Edgeflow Studios at present, with this house primarily based deck-building roguelike set to be coming in 2023. Gamers will likely be tasked with constructing their ships utilizing completely different modules and recruiting the crew, earlier than heading out to discover the galaxy and coping with all the hazards that brings.


“During our search for a publisher, we explored several options,” says Victor Rubinstein, Lead Designer on Breachway. “None of them fully met our criteria. Hooded Horse’s openness, trust, ease of communication, and genuine passion for games immediately shone through , and we knew we found the partner we were looking for.”

There will likely be plenty of narrative decisions to make in Breachway as gamers enterprise via the galaxy, with many not being easy good or dangerous decisions. As progress is made and the ship upgraded new playing cards will likely be unlocked to assist diversify ways within the flip primarily based battles that can come up. These playing cards will enable gamers to hack enemy tools, assault with your personal weapons, or disable enemy ships in different methods. Once more, decisions received’t be easy as your crew members will belong to completely different factions, and the way you method these factions will affect how your crewmate reacts.

New ships will likely be unlockable in Breachway as progress is made, with a few of these ships being faction particular. That in flip will affect your standing with different factions. In any case, in case you are flying round in a sure faction’s ship one other faction is probably not too pleased with that. Breachway has at the moment solely be confirmed for PC by way of Steam, and it’s anticipated in 2023.

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