Can you save the Dazed Woman within the Pod in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Within the Prologue of Baldur’s Gate 3 which takes place on the Nautiloid Ship, you’ll discover a Dazed Woman trapped in a Pod. This information will focus on how one can save each Shadowheart, the girl within the Pod wrapped in purple power, and the Dazed Woman within the room to the east.

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Tips on how to save the Dazed Woman within the Pod in Baldur’s Gate 3 Prologue

Baldur's Gate 3 Dazed Woman
Screenshot: PC Invasion

After coming into the room east of the place you discover Shadowheart trapped in a Pod, you discover one other anonymous lady, named the Dazed Woman on this information, additionally trapped in a Pod. Sadly, from my very own private expertise and all the things I’ve discovered on-line, there isn’t any method to save the Dazed Woman.

No matter your class, Arcane test, or character, there’s nothing you are able to do to save lots of the Dazed Woman. Folks on-line have tried a number of courses to see if there’s a particular dialogue possibility that saves her. With a profitable Arcane test, interacting with the Sigil above the button offers you extra info however doesn’t unlock an possibility to save lots of the Dazed Woman.

Push The Button Dazed Woman Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In case you push the button on the console behind the room, you’ll rework the Dazed Woman right into a Mindflayer. The destiny of the Dazed Woman is in your fingers, however both method, she will be able to’t be saved and he or she doesn’t matter to the story. She by no means seems once more and is right here within the Prologue to indicate you, once more, that your decisions have penalties on this recreation.

Tips on how to save Shadowheart within the purple power Pod in Baldur’s Gate 3

How To Save Shadowheart In Baldur's Gate 3
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In case you’ve discovered your method to this information to free the opposite lady trapped in a Pod, one who is known as Shadowheart, I’ll make it easier to out. In contrast to the unlucky case with the Dazed Woman, you may free Shadowheart in BG3. Right here’s how:

  1. Go into the room to the east.
  2. Loot the Eldritch Rune off the Lifeless Thrall behind the room.
  3. Return to Shadowheart’s Pod.
  4. Work together with the console to the correct of Shadowheart’s Pod.
  5. Choose “Insert the rune into the socket.”
  6. Choose “Place your hand on the console.”
  7. Choose “Will the pod open.”
  8. With a profitable roll, you’ll free Shadowheart.

Liberating Shadowheart does make it easier to within the struggle forward and can put you on the correct path to romance her. In case you don’t free her, she’ll ultimately be findable on the seashore similar to the remainder of the Origin characters. Simply ensure you price by means of the BG3 Act 1 checklist earlier than heading into Act 2.

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