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Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell

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Consecrated Beasts are a kind of enemy in Genshin Impact. Initially added as a part of the model 3.4 replace, these foes are considerably more durable in comparison with the hapless critters that you simply’ve seen prior to now. Furthermore, sure lairs gained’t be accessible to you in the beginning. Right here’s our Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts places information that can assist you discover them and purchase their Sturdy Shell and Marked Shell drops.

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Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts places information (Dessicated Shell, Sturdy Shell, and Marked Shell)

Consecrated Beasts in Genshin Impact are predominantly present in Sumeru’s desert areas, although you would possibly even see a lone mob wandering in Inazuma. They arrive in three variants: Consecrated Vultures (Pyro), Consecrated Scorpions (Electro), and Consecrated Serpents (Anemo). In comparison with their smaller counterparts, they pack fairly a punch, as the weather have boosted them considerably. They’ve acquired AoE smash assaults, and even pulling capabilities.

Above Floor Areas

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 1 Map

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Above, you possibly can see the map of Sumeru’s deserts. We’ve marked the places of the Consecrated Beasts in Genshin Impact. Arrows that time downward indicate that they make their lairs in underground tunnels, which we’ll focus on later. Likewise, we propose tackling the Dirge of Bilqis quest chain, as you’ll go to many of those areas, permitting you to tag the teleporters for quicker traversal and achieve entry to some spots which will have obstacles. Listed below are another tidbits:

  • Safhe Shatranj (above floor) – Glide down from the western teleporter. The goal gained’t be there but, however it would seem when you’re shut sufficient to the Withered Obelisk puzzle.
  • Wadi Al-Majuj (northwest) – That is the enemy you’ll face in Liloupar’s Cell. We’ve crossed it out because it solely spawns as soon as.
  • Khaj-Nisut (north) – From the Khaj-Nisut quick journey level, head up the dunes. You’ll see this one alongside the cliff’s edge.
  • Dunes of Metal (north and south) – The creature to the south of this teleporter might be discovered alongside the highway. As for these additional north, the primary goal will spawn when you’ve killed three scorpion mobs guarding a chest. From there, use the grapple nodes to achieve the cliffs to the northwest the place a vulture is perched.

Underground Areas – Wounded Shin Valley and Safhe Shatranj

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 2 Map

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Each of those Genshin Impact Consecrated Beast places are underground. Fortunately, they’re pretty near quick journey factors:

  • Safhe Shatranj (underground) – Whereas it might sound as if this enemy is within the Dune of Carouses, it’s really in a piece of Gurabad’s Ruin in Safhe Shatranj. From the closest teleporter, head left and comply with the hall. You’ll then see it perched on some branches.
  • Wounded Shin Valley (underground) – You’ll enterprise deeper into these caverns whereas doing the Dune-Entombed Fecundity Part 3 quest. A scorpion waits down beneath.

Underground Areas – Wenut Tunnels

Genshin Impact Consecrated Beasts Locations Guide Sturdy Shell Marked Shell Dessicated Shell 3 Map

Picture through Hoyoverse (edited)

These Consecrated Beast places in Genshin Impact are all within the Wenut Tunnels, which has a teleporter close to the Setekh Wenut boss. You’ll primarily comply with a portion of the Sand Grease Pupa farming route:

  • The primary creature, a flying serpent, might be discovered simply previous the tunnel’s entrance.
  • Comply with the tunnel because it takes you down a cavernous part. Proceed alongside the trail that leads northwest till you attain a fork the place a Mitachurl is chilling. There’s a cairn (i.e., stone altar) towards the aspect results in the City of the Deceased domain. Work together with it and also you’ll fall down a pit with a scorpion.
  • In that very same space, it’s best to see one other chasm that results in the bottommost a part of the tunnels. Because it winds to the north, you’ll see one other flying serpent.
  • The fourth beast can be in Wenut Tunnels, although it’s alongside the opposite path from the fork with the Mitachurl. Your greatest guess is to make use of the Qusayr Al-Inkhida teleporter, gliding south towards the caves till you encounter it.

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