Dune: Awakening revealed for consoles and PC

Funcom introduced Dune: Awakening throughout Gamescom’s Opening Evening Reside, a sport that has been rumoured to be in development for fairly a while. Dune: Awakening is ready to be launched on PlayStation 5, Xbox Collection X|S, and PC however there’s no launch date in the intervening time.  You possibly can join the beta by heading over to the official site. 

Dune: Awakening combines the grittiness and creativity of survival video games with the social interactivity of large-scale, persistent multiplayer video games to create a novel and bold Open World Survival MMO. Rise from survival to dominance in an enormous and seamless Arrakis shared by hundreds of gamers.

  • Survive probably the most harmful planet within the universe. Construct shelters towards sandstorms, preserve your stillsuit, and grasp the previous methods to stroll even the deepest deserts. Keep away from or be devoured by the colossal sandworms that dwell beneath the sands.
  • Discover the ever-changing face of Arrakis. Stroll the ruins of long-forgotten organic testing stations, scavenge the wreckage of fallen spaceships, and wander the dusty halls of deserted sietches. Head into unmapped sectors and be the primary to find secrets and techniques and riches earlier than the coriolis storms as soon as once more shift the sands and alter the panorama.
  • Management the spice, management Arrakis. Hunt for spice blooms and deploy your harvester, then defend it from opportunistic raiders and rival factions. Soak the sand in blood as large battles shift seamlessly from foot to automobiles and from floor to ornithopters within the sky.
  • Make plans inside plans. Make a reputation for your self among the many inhabitants of Arrakis. Wield intrigue and power to affect the Landsraad and affect the world. Construct your personal faction via spice harvesting, commerce, subterfuge, and open battle.
  • Awaken the sleeper. Tailor each facet of your character. Eat spice to overcome your senses and purchase highly effective talents. Hone your craft to turn into sought out for the best creations. Assemble your fortress within the type of your selecting. The journey is yours to form.




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