Fire Emblem Engage: Weapons strengths and weaknesses

Fire Emblem Engage Weapons Faceoff

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In Fire Emblem Engage, items will regularly conflict on the battlefield. The result of every duel relies upon not solely on character stats, however on weapons geared up. Every sort of weapon has a power and a weak spot that permits its bearer to flourish or flounder. Right here’s our information on weapon strengths and weaknesses in Fire Emblem Engage.

Fire Emblem Engage: Weapons strengths and weaknesses

The final rule to bear in mind whereas enjoying Fire Emblem Engage is that weapons function lots like a recreation of rock paper scissors. There are melee and ranged weapons, every with strengths and weaknesses towards others of their class.

On the melee aspect, Swords are sturdy towards Axes, that are sturdy towards Lances, that are sturdy towards Swords. Any ranged weapons are weak towards melee assaults, and Bows are particularly weak towards melee assaults as a result of they will’t counter. Bows deal deadly injury to flying items. To win in Fire Emblem Engage, assault with a weapon that’s sturdy towards your opponent’s weapon.

Fire Emblem Engage Weapon Stats

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Forward of fight, pay specific consideration to the gear your warriors possess. Particular person items are sometimes proficient in multiple weapon sort. They will additionally acquire further proficiencies by partaking with Emblems. Have your warriors carry a number of weapon varieties as a way to account for various conditions on the battlefield.

On the Stock display the place you handle gadgets, verify particular person stats for details about particular efficiencies. As an example, Louis (pictured above) can equip the Ridersbane to achieve effectivity towards Cavalry items. Moreover, that weapon will fare effectively usually towards enemies wielding swords.

Fire Emblem Engage Weapons Matchup In Combat

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In fight, if you find yourself initiating an assault towards an enemy, you will notice particulars in regards to the predicted end result. These are guideline, however they don’t account for dodges or essential assaults. You possibly can press L or R to cycle via weapons in your character’s stock, with various outcomes attainable.

When biking via weapons, observe the weapon emblems beneath character portraits. Within the above case, Rosado is about to make use of the Iron Axe, which has a blue arrow indicating it’s particularly efficient towards the enemy’s Spear. Use that information to information your decisions about which weapons to make use of in your assault.

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