Fireteam Elite Season 4 stars with cross-play backing and Prestige positions

The first year of content for Aliens: Fireteam Elite is reaching a conclusion. Engineer Cold Iron Studios has concluded that it intends to make a dramatic exit — one so uproarious, every one of your pals can hear it. Season 4 of Aliens: Fireteam Elite brings cross-play between Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation stages, as well as new Prestige positions for the veterans today.

Cross-play is a component that blossoms with games like Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The center PvE nature is everlastingly appealing to companions who need to need to live it up killing bugs or even zombies. Fireteam Elite is getting the component with Season 4, what begins today. To play the game with players on different stages, the means appear to be straightforward. In the in-game menu, go to Team, then, at that point, Crossplay, and afterward add up your friends.

“I’m especially excited about crossplay! That’s one feature we’ve heard you loud and clear on and we’ve been working hard to get it in the game,” said Craig Zinkievich, CEO of Cold Iron Studios. “We’re looking forward to seeing you all enjoy the new content and playing together across all platforms!”

Aliens Fireteam Elite Cross Play Season 4 Prestige Ranks Rewards

The bugs don’t stand a chance

Other than cross-play, Season 4 is bringing Prestige positions for veteran Aliens: Fireteam Elite players. The positions are essentially what you expect, in the event that you’ve played any multiplayer method of a Call of Duty game for quite a while. At the point when a Class Kit hits level 20 in Fireteam, experience acquired gets put into Prestige positions. The levels go as far as possible up to 100, presenting corrective compensations as you progress. Outfit and head frill, nameplates, and decals and tones for weapons are undeniably included as grants. The picture above gives you a look at what you can procure as you rank up. So to surprise your rifle with gold shines, you know what to do, roughneck.

Season 4 brings bounty more, obviously. Another Horde-type mode called Restock Turrets goes live in the season. It’s like Horde, however this time your responsibility is to battle off waves while keeping up with pre-set turrets. The mode likewise passes out remunerations at each 10 waves made due, up to wave 50.

There are additionally new Challenge Cards and Armory things, so make certain to check out the announcement prior to jumping once again into the fray.

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