Ghostwire: Tokyo has been fixed, here are the notes

Bethesda have delivered a fix for Ghostwire: Tokyo and it incorporates “new gameplay and quality of life improvements; numerous bug fixes; and even a festive new cosmetic item and emotes.”

Here are the fix notes:



  • Performance Improvements: This update tends to some exhibition issues for PS5 and PC.
  • Silence, Tengu: There’ve been some clamor grievances about the Tengu, so Ed has fostered some commotion dropping earphones for Akito and KK. (Tengu volume can now be adjusted.)
  • Children’s Day Cosmetic and Emotes: Two new acts out and a new headwear piece enlivened by Golden Week.


Held every year on May 5 in Japan, Children’s Day is one of four public occasions saw during Golden Week, to praise the wellbeing and satisfaction of kids — commonly by designing with fish-formed kites and wearing paper samurai protective caps! Presently you can get in on the celebrations in Ghostwire: Tokyo: – Koinobori Emote – Akito shows koi-formed decorations – “They Grow Up So Fast” Emote – Akito gladly wears a collapsed paper “Kabuto” samurai head protector – Paper Kabuto – Wear the origami samurai cap from the emote


  • Added “Yokai Volume” slider, permitting players to change the shrieking of the Tengu
  • (PC) – Added “Mouse Smoothing” choice (Allows players to empower/impair mouse smoothing)
  • Fast travel is currently accessible prior in the game
  • Added support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) on PS5


All Platforms

  • Improved by and large performance
  • Overhauled beginning qualities for player camera options
  • Adjusted gamepad simple stick deadzone, and added choices to change deadzone
  • Fixed impact issues in some environments
  • Spirit Perception Prayer Beads will never again direct you towards spirits you have as of now absorbed
  • Fixed message for a few menu things in French and German
  • Fixed Sharpness choice while utilizing FSR 1.0

PS5 Fixes

  • Fixed low execution while in Quality Mode
  • Numerous fixes to fundamental missions, side missions, and world occasions where playing out specific activities could forestall progression
  • Adjusted discovery for simple stick deadzone on PS4/PS5 controllers
  • Fixed a bug that happened while moving while crouching
  • Fixed bug when spotted by a “Forsaken” Visitor
  • Adjusted visual parts of some total outfits
  • Fixed movement issue while addressing dogs
  • Fixed visual bug while addressing dogs
  • Some hint message for relics adjusted
  • Fixed tab-turning conduct on the menu screen
  • Fixed issue in which the information base on the menu screen wouldn’t be updated
  • Fixed age limitation settings for Sweden

PC Fixes

  • Improved mouse/console input when weaving
  • Added “Movie Display Mode” option
  • If you are encountering sound desync issues in cutscenes, setting “Movie Display Mode” to “Performance” will address the issue
  • Fixed movement issue with specific cutscenes
  • Added an admonition show while utilizing a lot of VRAM
  • Fixed issue with windowed mode on the title screen
  • Fixed 5K goal issue on the title screen
  • Fixed issue while choosing difficulty

We scored in the game 8/10 in our review. “Ghostwire: Tokyo was not the game I was expecting from Tango Gameworks, but I definitely enjoyed it,” said Nick. “Blending magic-filled FPS action with Japanese mythology and an open world Tokyo that reminds me of the Yakuza series, it stands out from the crowd even if it’s not truly groundbreaking. Ghostwire has a lot of potential as a new franchise and I’m looking forward to seeing what Tango Gameworks does with it next.”

Source: Bethesda


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