Contract killer 3’s new Ambrose Island guide will deliver in July, Freelancer mode postponed

IO Interactive has given Hitman 3 players a report on the delivery plan for Year 2, giving us a delivery date for the impending Ambrose Island map – previously known as ‘Rocky’ – and progress on Freelancer mode.

Bad news first, Freelancer mode has been deferred to the final part of 2022. This is a new and remixed method for taking on and partake in all of the substance inside the World of Assassination set of three, however IOI need to carve out opportunity to refine and clean the mode before its more extensive delivery – they’ve cultivated private forms to some confided in center local area individuals for feedback.


They make sense of, “The input from the playtests was generally sure and the mode is looking good. As we’ve said, we’re carving out opportunity to fix the mode up and further develop a few components that we think will extraordinarily work on the ongoing interaction experience. While we work on those upgrades, we’re likewise getting ready to jump further into the mode and offer a greater amount of what you can expect.

Closer to hand will be the arrival of a pristine guide for the game, which was prodded as ‘Rocky’ and has now been named as Ambrose Island. The guide is booked for discharge in July 2022.

The guide is really making a stride back in time, being set before the occasions of Hitman 3 and meaning to fill in a couple of holes in the World of Assassination storyline. Expect more subtleties in future, yet here’s a fast screenshot.

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island Release Date

Before then, at that point, there will be one more slew of content to appreciate through May. There’s a few returning Elusive Targets, a couple of themed occasions, some… late Easter occasions? Also, highlighted local area contracts.

Hitman 3 May 2022 Roadmap

Rounding everything up, here’s the guide as it stands:

  • Today: May Roadmap
  • May 24: Patch 3.110 shows up with PC RayTracing
  • July: Ambrose Island map (otherwise known as Codename Rocky)
  • Second half of 2022: Freelancer game mode coming to HITMAN 3

Source: IO Interactive


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