How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

While you’re simply getting your ft moist in Dave the Diver, a certain money-maker is harpooning the solid of Discovering Nemo in your hungry clients. However not each oceanic creature is created equally. Your Harpoon Gun is okay in your first few dives, however you’ll quickly notice it’s not as versatile as you as soon as thought. Loads of the animals in Dave the Diver are immune to the Harpoon Gun, and the Jellyfish is likely one of the earliest you’ll stumble upon. With this in thoughts, let me present you the way to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver.

How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

How to catch Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

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There are just a few methods to catch a Jellyfish in Dave the Diver, however probably the most simple is just taking pictures it. After just a few well-placed hits, the Jellyfish will cease transferring and go barely darker to point the kill. At this level, you possibly can simply choose it up with out taking harm. You need to use no matter weapon you want. Early on, I like to recommend the Triple Axel, because it fires three projectiles at a time. Should you’re shut, you are able to do a ton of injury. Taking pictures is the only approach to catch creatures that resist the Harpoon, however there’s extra to it if you wish to make higher earnings.

Does taking pictures cut back the standard of my catch?

The eagle-eyed amongst you’ve gotten in all probability seen that killing a Jellyfish with bullets yields a low ‘Star’ score. You’ll at all times earn a low rating in the event you kill your goal with bullets, however happily, there are just a few methods round that.

For Jellyfish particularly, your finest wager is to discover a Harpoon improve underwater. All upgrades reset each time you dive, however Harpoon modifications are fairly frequent. The Tranquilizer Harpoon briefly places targets to sleep. You possibly can seize them in that small time window with out getting damage and rating a 3-star catch.

Should you insist on utilizing a gun, check out the Hush Dart. This weapon have to be procured from bins underwater. When you’ve discovered it a few occasions, Duff will craft one for you. The Hush Dart works equally to the Tranquilizer Harpoon, simply with a bit of additional vary.

One other viable technique is to weaken your kill with bullets, then reel them in with the Harpoon. This technique normally offers you two stars and first rate money when served on the Sushi Bar. Dave the Diver has loads of mysteries to resolve, particularly early on. If Sea Grapes are inflicting you issues, check out our guide.

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