How to defeat the Bloat King in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 might be form of gross generally. The a number of worlds you’ll be anticipated to traverse range from lovely glades to horrifying sewers. Both approach, you’re going to be anticipated to homicide nearly every little thing in every of them. That is okay, although, since you’re doing it to rescue the multiverse, and most of them are fairly gross. One specifically caught in my thoughts as horrific. The Bloat King in Remnant 2 is precisely what it feels like, and right here’s the best way to beat it.

How to beat Bloat King in Remnant 2

When you get to the top of the Nice Swewers part of Losomn, the stinking pits lastly put you up in opposition to an enormous ball of sewer fats collected collectively from all of the years of showering our bodies above. Capturing the factor is a mercy, in all honesty. However, the combat could be a difficult one as it’s based mostly above a maze of platforms, and also you’re going to have your palms full.

Navigating the maze

Hold your eye out for the numerous ledges across the enviornment. You don’t need to fall off them. Beneath are electrocuting enemies that may search you out as quickly as you’re off the ledges. I discovered rolling as quick as I may to the closest ladder saved my pores and skin. It’s difficult to maintain your purpose up on the Bloat King within the sky whereas understanding the place your toes are, so examine your location rather a lot.

You’ll discover issues dropping from Bloat King because it strikes across the Remnant 2 map. These are ammo and goodies. However, they are going to usually drop into the pit, so you could have to leap down and retrieve them. Roll just like the satan.

How to beat Bloat King in Remnant 2

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Bloat King section 1

Initially, the Bloat King will depart itself weak to heavy assault by displaying its orange underside. Get some injury with results on this for those who can earlier than it releases its energy orb. These guys will search you out and attempt to shock you. It’s annoying, however I discovered that, because of its sluggish motion, I may leap across the ledges away from it. Attempt to ignore it for those who can whereas focusing fireplace on Bloat King. For those who wrestle to maintain your distance, they are often dispatched. This can depart you with a little bit time to bury bullets into the Blob.

As you dance across the maze, Bloat Type will fireplace an enormous beam of power at you. This may be rolled by way of with no injury and is sort of slow-moving for a Remnant 2 boss. I like to recommend ready until it’s over earlier than opening fireplace once more.

Bloat King section 2

Right here comes section 2 after you have whittled away its well being to half. Two orbs at the moment are floating round, and Bloat King is pissed. Fortunately, now you’re acquainted with the motion of the Blob, and you’ve got memorized the platform areas, proper?

Bloat King is a sponge, so there may be little likelihood you’ll have time to whittle down utterly its well being away with out having to kill the 2 orbs. Eliminate them if they’re an annoyance and focus fireplace.

How to beat Bloat King in Remnant 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Rewards for killing the Bloat King

You’ll obtain x3 Lumenite Crystal, Tome of Data, Scrap, and x1 Bone Sap for defeating this monster. The Bone sap can be utilized to craft the Voltaic Rondure mod in Remnant 2.


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