How to Defeat the Poachers in High on Knife

In High on Knife, the superior DLC to High on Life, you’ll meet the Duffalo Ranch, stuffed with the… fascinating species. When speaking to the rancher, he’ll accuse you of being a poacher, from all of the violence reeking off of you. If you wish to acquire his belief, as Knifey suggests, you’ll must defeat the poachers and kill the Poacher King. Right here’s ascend their base and take out their chief in High on Knife.

How to filter the poacher outpost in High on Knife

Conveniently, the poacher outpost is positioned proper exterior of the ranch, so you possibly can observe your goal marker proper exterior their base. You’ll be needing to clear all the poachers on the bottom ground earlier than you possibly can go additional. I personally discovered utilizing Gus to be the simplest plan of action right here. A warp base will likely be incoming, and when it spawns, take out all of the poachers that include it. It gained’t take you too lengthy.

Hot Wall In High On Knife

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On the facet of the stone spire that helps the bottom is a sizzling wall. You need to use Gus’ capacity to create a platform, the place you possibly can leap up. You could must make two to succeed in over the wall. Instantly when you’re up the wall, a purple spire will likely be in your face. Use Knifey to cling onto the purple platform and climb throughout it. The sport will immediate you to make use of B.A.L.L. to shut the geyser holes to construct stress as you’ve performed earlier than. There are 4 of them to plug, and the geysers will shoot up.

As soon as they’ve, drop onto them and also you’ll get blasted up the place you should use Knifey’s grapple to climb onto the cliffs.

Jetpack over and use Knifey’s grapple to seize onto the wall, the place you can begin climbing throughout the wall. You’ll want to leap over to the opposite wall when you’ve acquired far sufficient. Simply watch out of the wind! Do a wall leap yet one more time and also you’ll come throughout a hive. Your swimsuit will let you know to launch “one of Creature’s little kids” into the hive to push out a hook bug. Bounce and jetpack over to the hook bug to be slung towards the large spire. You’ll want to make use of Knifey once more to climb up the ledge in case your gas runs brief earlier than the ledge.

Using Gus In High On Life

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As pictured above, look again to the poacher’s base. You’ll see one other sizzling wall for Gus to make use of. Use the hook bug and fly your means over to Gus’ platform to climb as much as the following encounter. As soon as once more, you may be killing all the poachers on these cliffs, the place one other house base will warp. Take all of them out. As soon as they’re taken care of, you should use the very best hook bug to sling your self onto a vent, the place you should use Harper’s Glob Shot to unblock the vent.

Glob Shot In High On Knife

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Let the vent carry you over to the opposite spire. On this spire, there will likely be enemies and a fast puzzle to resolve. There may be one other fan that may blow you again to the bottom, however to activate it, you’ll want to make use of B.A.L.L.’s pinball to dam up three pipes. The pipes are simply discovered after following the three cables working from the vent. If you happen to want to kill the creatures that spawn, you possibly can, nevertheless it isn’t mandatory.

Utilizing the fan to blow you again over, you’ll must let the 2 hook bugs be your path again to the poacher base. Climb up the steps and stroll into the primary compound of the bottom. Your assembly with the Poacher King is drawing close to. There will likely be many enemies to filter, so utilizing Gus or Sweezy was my private path to victory. You’ll come throughout a fan, the place you should use Sweezy’s time bubble capacity to gradual it down and stroll by way of.

Time Bubble In High On Knife

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Upon passing by way of the fan, you’ll face your ultimate wave of enemies. There are a few powerful enemies on this stage, so make good use of your weapons’ talents. I discovered utilizing Gus’ capacity to launch the disk and utilizing Knifey to bat it backwards and forwards is an incredible solution to take them down. Alternatively, you may make implausible use of B.A.L.L.’s capacity. Inserting the bumpers in the course of the compound, you possibly can hit nearly all the poachers with one shot. It’s unimaginable.

Lastly, you’ll have the ability to climb to the highest of the poacher base and meet the Poacher King.

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Heading again to the ranch

So, yeah, he’s a human. If you’d like, you possibly can take the poppers instantly and make your means again to the ranch, or you might discuss to him a little bit longer. It’s High on Knife, nonetheless, so I’d advocate that you simply exhaust all of the dialogue choices you possibly can.

When you’ve completed speaking to the human turned Poacher King, you possibly can head out of his workplace. You may both stroll all the way in which again to the ranch, utilizing your legs, or you possibly can press the crimson button proper exterior of the Poacher King’s workplace. It would launch a zipline proper onto one other spire. Alongside the way in which, Toxxo will discover you and both greet you fortunately or berate you hilariously, relying on how lengthy you spent watching his butt.

Clearing The Poachers In High On Knife

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On the subsequent spire, you’ll discover one other button that may launch one other zipline straight again to the rancher.

With the poppers you discovered from the Poacher King, you may get a journey from Elizabeth, the Duffalo who’s now in high quality well being. Discuss to the rancher to hold on together with your quest.

I hope you loved our information on clearing out all of the poachers in High on Knife! And I sincerely hope you’re capable of finding Knifey’s bundle. If you’d like extra High on Knife help, look no additional than PC Invasion.

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