How to destroy objects underwater in LEGO Fortnite

In LEGO Fortnite, swimming and coping with the oceans generally is fairly arduous. When you’ve positioned an merchandise underwater, nicely, you’re in for a difficult time eradicating it.

The one approach to do away with objects underwater in LEGO Fortnite

Earlier than I let you know of all of the methods I desperately tried to do away with a constructed construction underwater in LEGO Fortnite, I’ll rapidly spoil the conclusion. The one manner that succeeded in destroying one thing underwater was by throwing an Increase Barrel at it.

Blowing Up Wall In Lego Fortnite
A stunning sight. Screenshot: PC Invasion

You’ve acquired to watch out, as for those who miss the goal, and it doesn’t explode, it’ll uselessly bob up and down. Relying on the location of the merchandise, you possibly can attempt to shoot the barrel with a recurve crossbow, and if it’s shut sufficient, it could possibly blow up the thing.

Ideally, you’d be capable of set off the barrel by it hitting the ground when it initially sinks, or by hitting the thing itself.

Don’t attempt some other methodology. It is not going to work.

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What to not do when destroying an underwater object in LEGO Fortnite

The next strategies is not going to work, so use my experimentations as steerage. If you wish to attempt one thing that I’ve in some way missed, then go forward, however it most likely received’t work.

Dynamite, for some motive, disappears upon contact with water. So please don’t waste your dynamite. Additionally, Recurve Bows aren’t sturdy sufficient to deal injury to buildings, which is usually helpful, however an annoyance on this state of affairs.

Using Dynamite In Lego Fortnite
Screenshot: PC Invasion

I additionally tried to make a automotive or automobile to ram into the thing, as I’ve discovered they’re nice at destroying bushes and rocks. However, upon loading up a dynamic platform with a great deal of massive thrusters, it didn’t reach destroying the wall.

You might load up a dynamic platform with some Increase Barrels enclosed in a chamber and launch that full velocity at a wall, however in that case, you might as nicely simply throw the barrels your self. The one state of affairs that this could possibly be helpful is for those who’ve in some way positioned an object too deep or too far so that you can hit it.

Oh yeah, and putting balloons on the factor is not going to raise it. Not even a tiny furnishings merchandise could be lifted by the Massive Balloon.

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