Chase Showdown adds fight pass for game’s greatest occasion ever

Live occasions are the same old thing in the abrasive universe of Hunt Showdown. Nonetheless, this most recent occasion – named Serpent Moon – is being promoted as the greatest one to date, adding a huge number of new features.

Here’s a speedy “tl;dr” for abundance trackers in a rush. This most recent Hunt Showdown occasion will run for 60 days, doling out remunerations by means of “The Gilded Path” – a fight pass that comes in three unique flavors, including free, standard, and premium.


The occasion is called Serpent Moon on purpose. Snakes have pervaded the Bayou and will go after players assuming that they meander excessively near their murmuring hives, the clamor alone being sufficient to offer your situation. By killing or getting these snakes, you can forfeit them to procure Event Points for the Showdown fight pass.

Developer Crytek has been putting out new playable trackers at a consistent clasp, The Viper being its most recent creation. What’s especially perfect about them is that they will “evolve” as you open levels on The Gilded Path, progressively changing their appearance.

See the table beneath for a full rundown of fight pass rewards and the number of point you really want to open them:

Hunt Showdown Serpent Moon Battle Pass

Free Gilded Path Event Points Total EPs
Legendary Hunter Stage 1
Chary’s Implied Contract – 2 Hours Booster
Antidote shot – Snake Oil Ward 400 400
x3 Romero 77 Alamo Coluber Instance 500 900
x1 Alert Trip Mine – Miner’s Song Instance Berthier Mle 92 – Earthshine 600 1500
x3 Sparks Pistol Snakeshot Instance 700 2200
Romero 77 Alamo Unlock Romero 77 Alamo – Coluber 800 3000
Chary’s Fixed Contract – 24 Hours Booster 900 3900
Legendary Hunter Stage 2 50 BBs 1000 4900
x5 Dynamite Stick Bundle – Red Dog Instance 1100 6000
Sparks Pistol Unlock Sparks Pistol – Snakeshot 1200 7200
50 BBs 1300 8500
Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol – Antosha x3 Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer – Lucidus Instance 1400 9900
100 BBs 1500 11400
Chary’s Implied Contract – 2 Hours Booster Legendary Hunter Stage 3 1600 13000
x7 Antidote shot – Snake Oil Ward Instance 1700 14700
100 BBs 1800 16500
50 BBs Winfield M1873 Swift – Slither 1900 18400
Dynamite Stick Bundle – Red Dog 200 BBs 2000 20400
100 BBs 500 BBs 2100 22500
Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer – Lucidus Legendary Hunter Stage 4 2200 24700

Hopefully, these prizes will not need a lot crushing. Those players who end up maximizing the fight pass will continue procuring point, moving gradually up the list of competitors for a likely finish of-season reward, the top award being 4000 Hunt Dollars + 200 Blood Bonds.

Having as of late commended its fourth birthday celebration, Hunt Showdown is being adjusted into a live action series solely with the expectation of complimentary streaming stage, Binge, in the not so distant future. That is not all Crytek has made arrangements for its famous shooter, prodding a few quite large changes and updates not far off. Ideally, this remembers an expanded rendition of the game for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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