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The Icewind Suite is a world boss in Genshin Influence with a novel mechanic that lets you combat two totally different variations of the boss, the Dirge of Coppelia or the Nemesis of Coppelius. Consequently, every boss truly drops two totally different supplies you’ll must ascend your character, versus only one. This boss pits you towards a pair of dancing robots, as you combat between two totally different variations. You’ll must deliver a staff that excels in single-target injury to shortly dispatch this boss and procure some vital supplies. Right here’s our Genshin Influence information on the Icewind Suite world boss in Fontaine.

Ought to I combat the Dirge of Coppelia or the Nemesis of Coppelius in Genshin Influence?

The Icewind Suite world boss doesn’t set off like most world bosses in Genshin Influence. To start this world boss, you must discuss to the NPC Maillardet, positioned proper in entrance of the dancing robots, and select which variation of the battle you want to combat. (He explains that these fights are simply follow for the robotic’s fight capabilities, so you possibly can relaxation straightforward understanding you truly aren’t disturbing the peace of this romantic pair.)

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From this boss combat, relying on which model you select, you may get two totally different boss drops: the Artificed Spare Clockwork Element – Copellia, or the Artificed Spare Clockwork Element – Coppelius. These two variants are totally different character ascension objects, that means you’ll need to be sure you are combating the proper model of the boss to acquire the proper merchandise. The Artificed Spare Clockwork Element – Coppelia variant is at present solely used as a personality ascension materials for Lynette. As of this writing, the Artificed Spare Clockwork Element – Coppelius variant just isn’t used for any character thus far however can be utilized as a personality ascension merchandise sooner or later.

Dirge of Coppelia Genshin Influence boss information

Do you have to select the Dirge of Coppelia boss combat in Genshin Influence, you’ll be teleported to the dancing stage to combat the Coppelia robotic. In a classy combat, Coppelius will make the most of quite a lot of Cryo assaults, resembling sending out waves of ice shards or unleashing an ice wall towards your characters. Dodge these assaults and keep away from being infused with Cryo.

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Finally, Coppelia will teleport to the middle of the stage, surrounding herself with Anemo vitality and creating a number of Anemo whirlwinds across the stage. On the identical time, Coppelius will skate throughout the stage, sending out quite a few Cryo assaults your method. In case you have any characters with Pneuma-imbued assaults, attacking her with these assaults will incapacitate her and permit you to deal immense injury. (It is best to know that the one characters with this potential thus far are Lyney and the Hydro Traveler.)

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Advisable characters for the Dirge of Coppelia combat

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Pneuma-imbued attackers are useful on this combat to incapacitate Coppelia throughout her Anemo part. Lyney is at present the strongest utilizer of Pneuma-energy, and his greatest staff consists of himself, Xiangling, Bennett, and a robust shielder like Zhongli or Thoma. Nevertheless, disabling the boss throughout this part just isn’t obligatory, and also you don’t essentially get any bonuses from incapacitating her both, other than avoiding the pair’s assaults.

In case you don’t have Lyney, you possibly can make the most of a staff with sturdy single-target injury as a substitute. Yoimiya is a superb boss-slayer, together with her quick and highly effective Pyro-infused assaults, particularly paired with off-field Hydro purposes like Xingqiu or Yelan. Hu Tao is one other character famend for her single-target capabilities.

Nemesis of Coppelius Genshin Influence boss information

After defeating the Dirge of Coppelia, you’ll have to attend a short while (roughly 5 minutes) for the boss to reset. Come again when the bosses are able to combat towards and select the Nemesis of Coppelius in Genshin Influence to combat this time. In distinction to the Dirge of Coppelia combat, Coppelia can be unleashing lots of the assaults this time, using quite a lot of Anemo assaults. These embrace monitoring Anemo projectiles thrown your character’s method, or a sublime Anemo nosedive that may deal excessive injury.

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Just like the Coppelia combat, ultimately, Coppelius will take heart stage and imbue himself with Cryo vitality. Moreover, he may even spawn three Cryo pylons throughout the stage that unleash Cryo vitality that may injury your staff. Whereas that is taking place, Coppelia will dance across the stage, unleashing quite a lot of Anemo assaults. This time, to incapacitate the pair, you’ll have to make use of assaults imbued with Ousia vitality. The one Ousia character as of Model 4.0 is Lynette, so don’t fret if you happen to don’t have a personality with Ousia assaults.

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Nevertheless, one main distinction with the Coppelius combat is his potential to spawn a massive Cryo protect on himself, a capability that Coppelia doesn’t share. This implies, until you might have Ousia-imbued assaults or a method to disable his Cryo protect, you’ll not be capable to injury Coppelius. Make sure you deliver both Lynette or a personality with Pyro talents to beat this combat.

Advisable characters for the Nemesis of Coppelius combat

Genshin Impact Lynette Best Build 3

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Lynette is the one character within the sport thus far that may make the most of Ousia vitality. If you end up needing to disable Coppelius throughout his Cryo part, then using a Lynette staff could also be a good suggestion. (For concepts round Lynette groups, take a look at our Lynette team comps information.) Nevertheless, like with the Dirge of Coppelia, you don’t essentially must incapacitate Coppelius to defeat the boss.

As a substitute, you possibly can make the most of a staff with excessive single-target injury. There isn’t a draw back to repeating the identical staff you used with the Dirge of Coppelia if you happen to don’t plan on disabling the boss, so make the most of characters recognized for prime single-target injury, resembling Yoimiya or Hu Tao. Utilizing Pyro characters, particularly, is vital for this combat, as Coppelius will spawn a robust Cryo protect on himself throughout his Cryo part.

That’s all it’s worthwhile to know in regards to the Icewind Suite world boss in Genshin Influence. Make sure you combat the proper model of the boss and get the proper character ascension materials. Obtain Genshin Influence on its official website here.


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