Rugged Alliance 3 new interactivity trailer shows the battle for Grand Chien

A new trailer for the turn-based strategic continuation Jagged Alliance 3 has been delivered, displaying the battle to safeguard the leader of Grand Chien by paramilitary gathering The Legion.


Jagged Alliance 3 sees you lead a counter-uprising with a gathering of recruited hired soldiers that you lead into fight. It’s a recovery of the turn-based strategic series that started during the 90s, and will see you participate in modernized takes on the establishment’s center battle, RPG mechanics and 4X elements.

There will be a wide cast of mercs to enlist, with the arrival of some fan top picks, and you can then further develop them with advantages as they step up, giving them new stuff from plundered, rescued and redid weaponry and gear. They’ll be a lead for the state army that you move toward push the foe back and recover various districts and areas of Grand Chien.

Jagged Alliance 3 Gameplay

Jagged Alliance 3 was announced last year is being developed for PC by Haemimont Games, with THQ Nordic having gained the permit through the acquisition of HandyGames in 2018. Similarly as with a large number of THQ’s establishments, Jagged Alliance is a celebrated game series that traces all the way back to the 90s. The 1995 unique was trailed by a named spin-off a year after the fact, before Jagged Alliance 2 turned out in 1999 and gave the establishments to a tangled arrangement of independent extensions, upgraded re-deliveries and full changes. A full Jagged Alliance 3 continuation was mooted during the 2000s with improvement beginning, being re-appropriated and dropped a couple of times, and ultimately failing miserably. THQ Nordic has steadied the boat and given command over to Haemimont Games.

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