John Romero’s own duplicate of Doom 2 has sold for a ton of cash


Id Software fellow benefactor John Romero is notable for selling his effects for many dollars, yet exactly how much would fans pay for his own duplicate of Doom 2?

Well, following a day of furious offering on eBay, Romero’s five-circle set of unique Doom 2 3.5″ floppies have brought $3,150. $3,150! The plates don’t for a moment even arrive in a container! Also, they’re possibly marked in the event that you explicitly inquire! For examination, you could purchase north of 1,600 duplicates of Doom 2 on Steam at that cost in the current Steam sale.


Romero is one of a handful of the game designers who are held to fame, and it truly shows. The Doom maker has sold numerous things with just his signuture adding to the incentive for more than 100 bucks, at the minimum.

For model, as of late Romero sold a marked duplicate of David Kushner’s Masters of Doom book, an extraordinary book that subtleties the establishing of id Software, for $255. Before that, he sold a boxed duplicate of Heretic-a game made involving the first Doom motor for $1325.

It appears to love John Romero will buy in a real sense anything that the designer sets available to be purchased. Assuming they’re willing to pay north of three thousand for an unpacked duplicate of Doom 2, simply envision the amount they’d pay for his unique Doom plates. Get no thoughts, Romero!

Source: eBay

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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