Lords of the Fallen passes a million copies bought in 10 days

Lords of the Fallen has handed the a million gross sales mark in 10 days, CI Video games has introduced. Hexworks has additionally launched a model new patch for the Lords of the Fallen addressing issues like mob density, the activation of cross play on consoles, and a change to New Sport Plus. You’ll be able to learn the total patch notes beneath.

“Lords of the Fallen is the most important and ambitious game we’ve developed in our 20-year history, and the first in our new planned AAA pipeline of games in the years ahead,” mentioned Marek Tyminski, CEO, CI Video games. “To see this fresh and innovative take on the action-RPG achieve one million sales in just 10 days has been humbling for everybody at HEXWORKS and CI Games.”

“Thank you to all the Lampbearers out there who have embarked on their journeys across Mournstead, fearlessly traversing the lands of the living and the dead,” mentioned Saul Gascon, Head of Studio at HEXWORKS. “We’re incredibly grateful to the passionate Lords of the Fallen community for their invaluable feedback and ongoing support. It’s their unwavering dedication that has made this success possible, and we couldn’t be prouder to share it with them.”

Lords of the Fallen 1.1.222 Patch Notes

Mob Density

  • We’ve activated a leashing system during which enemies will cease following you after X meters (case-by-case situation). To keep away from crowds of enemies on you, for those who occur to hurry by means of a piece of a map.



3D Picture Mode

  • Generally the digital camera of a saved 3D scene in 3D Picture Mode was within the unsuitable place. Added failsafe for this to not occur.

  • Repair door state (opened/closed) and different interactables not being saved within the 3D picture.


  • Fastened enemies that might generally be spawned in a T-pose on the decrease a part of the manse.

  • Tweaked the navmesh on a small part of Decrease Calrath to assist AI navigate higher in that complicated surroundings setup.

  • Trapper’s traps can now be destroyed with ranged choices similar to arrows, grenades, magic, and extra.

  • Ruiners now have the next likelihood of triggering their fearful cost.

  • Ruiners now goal their defend fireplace assault at gamers extra precisely. Beware!

  • Parasites now comply with their hosts extra rapidly to forestall them from straying too far when the participant pulls the host far-off. If they’re blocked, they may teleport to the host to assist gamers who’re siphoning them by staying shut.

  • We discovered a problem the place Pilgrim’s Perch pilgrims might generally shoot by means of sure buildings. This concern has now been mounted.

  • Crossbowmen have undergone further changes to their habits with a view to make them smarter with out rising their issue. This could end in a extra participating and balanced gameplay expertise when encountering these enemies within the recreation.

  • A navmesh within the cistern has been adjusted to help an invisible archer in focusing on the participant extra effectively.

  • The aggro ranges of the Deep Sparrow, Infernal Enchantress, and Mendacious Visage have been revised to forestall them from pursuing gamers after shedding sight.

  • The Abbess and the Conflagrant Seer will now chorus from utilizing their skills in opposition to the participant if the participant is just not in plain sight.

  • The worms spawned by the Mendacious Visage can now be dodged extra simply.

  • There was one occasion of a Pilgrim at Pilgrim’s Perch who might see the participant from a really far distance. Now, he’ll solely discover the participant after they get nearer.

  • A repair has been applied for archers to maintain the arrow in place whereas making use of vertical offset. This can be a visible repair for archers that, when aiming at you from slopes, the arrow was being incorrectly displaced. Essentially the most seen affect was on the Holy Archer, significantly within the girls’s space part.

  • An replace has been made to the “LookAt” habits for NPCs to forestall neck snapping when the participant will get near them. This enchancment goals to create a smoother and extra pure interplay between the participant and NPCs.



  • Flame Funnel spell from the Remembrance retailer has seen its worth adjusted.

  • Fixing buyable gadgets within the shrines lacking skipinventory bool being set to true.

  • Adjusting social shrine targets based mostly on development and forecast.

  • Momentary change on the Umbral Shrine to promote 999 Umbral Scourings, as an alternative of 1, whereas we look forward to a correct “infinite” implementation.

  • Balancing move on NG+ for bosses and areas nearly end-game NG+ (the curve was too steep).

  • Molhu determined to decrease the value of the seeds in his retailer from 2’500 vigor to 1’200 vigor.

  • The Parry Guard safety has been elevated to 80%, as introduced in right now’s stream with Fightin’ Cowboy. It additionally avoids receiving any elemental harm or ailment.

  • The quantity of poise harm inflicted by enhanced throwable gadgets has been diminished.


  • Parasites in Crimson Rector now don’t set off a heavy response within the participant.

  • We noticed an occasion the place Reinhold’s stab assault was propelling the participant in a random path. This concern has now been mounted.

  • Menacious Visage will now react accurately with the digital camera if the participant is positioned between the boss and the digital camera.


  • Collisions on some umbral platforms within the cistern have been mounted to enhance the navigation of sure enemies.

  • On the Fief, throughout our gardening day, we’ve improved bushes that wanted higher collision detection.

  • We’ve coated a floor gap in Pilgrim’s Perch that was inflicting gamers to fall by means of it. It wasn’t seen sufficient and felt unfair.

  • We’ve mounted the collision of a small wooden platform in Decrease Calrath that was inflicting Bringers of Stillness to fall by means of it as an alternative of lurking from the shadows.

  • Modified invasion space gameplay sublayer to match the encompassing Artwork sublayer. This fixes the invader spawning below the bottom firstly of the invasion.

  • Fastened chase farming spot during which he would fall over the world on his personal for each spawn. Now for those who go take a coffe on your character to farm on his personal, you may discover your character useless when coming again.

  • Gamers could get out of boundaries and fall out the world on the Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters

  • Fastened small collision bump that might lead AIs to get caught close to Agatha’s vestige.

  • Fastened lacking Umbral navmesh in CSC Major East

  • Fastened a small floor

  • The collisions of two umbral partitions in Decrease Calrath have been reviewed and up to date.

  • Numerous ramps and staircases that didn’t provide easy navigation have been improved.

  • Two floor tiles that have been inflicting points with Delyth’s assaults, stopping her from reaching the participant, have been mounted.

  • Collision points within the Deep Forest have been addressed to forestall enemies from getting caught in sure conditions.

  • Collision points within the Deep Forest have been mounted to enhance participant navigation and stop invisible blockers.

  • Collisions in Higher Calrath have been adjusted to supply smoother participant navigation and eradicate small steps.

  • Collisions in Decrease Calrath’s Alehouse have been improved to higher help leaping gameplay and stop gamers from falling off on the opposite facet.

  • A number of collision fixes in Decrease Calrath have been applied to make sure the AI’s navigation mesh capabilities accurately.

  • A rock that beforehand lacked collisions now has correct ones.

  • Two places within the Forsaken Fen have been tweaked to forestall creatures from getting caught below sure fight circumstances.

  • Gamers can clip by means of the ground at a selected spot within the refractory of the Manse.

  • The digital camera might clip with the statue within the Leprosarium.

  • Improved the navigation of “drones” in a secret “room” inside Bramis Fortress.

  • Added a further collision field for AIs to forestall them from falling by means of a gap on the Tower of Penance. Gamers can nonetheless push them by means of.

  • Fastened a collision concern in Decrease Calrath that might stop gamers from stepping on it with out utilizing a soar.

  • Collision fixes and optimization within the space round Decrease Calrath’s orphanage have been applied.

  • Corrected hidden panorama collision on Manse Provide Street to forestall thrown objects from getting caught.

  • Gamers weren’t dying correctly as a result of Void quantity being too low on Pilgrim’s Perch.

  • A collision concern between a rock and a picket construction has been mounted to forestall gamers from getting caught below sure circumstances.

  • A unsuitable collision setup that made it troublesome to select up an merchandise in Decrease Calrath’s Smelter space has been mounted.

  • A collision bug that occurred on a selected mattress at Bramis Fortress has been mounted.

  • Gamers might get caught on a collision within the Sunless Skein.

  • Fastened a gap at Fritzroy’s Gorge that might trigger gamers to fall by means of it.

  • Fastened a collision on an asset that might trigger gamers to get caught when rolling in a sure manner.

  • A misplaced collision might trigger gamers to fall by means of the bottom within the tutorial space.


  • Eliminated root bone affect from the Stalker’s Hunter physique and legs to enhance the visuals.

  • The Holy Archer character mannequin has been adjusted. These adjustments embrace eradicating the belt from the torso, shortening the fabric on the pinnacle, and modifying CLPs to accommodate these alterations

  • Swelling on the skirt a part of the Marksman Armour has been eliminated to enhance visuals and physics.


  • Fastened Soulflay assault to forestall falling from ledge when taking a step again simply after it.

  • Repair unsuitable orientation of the participant whereas interacting with NPCs and attempting to maneuver round.

  • Up to date Retrieve Vigor anim to be sooner, interruptible extra rapidly & added iframes till retrieving the Vigor

  • Adjusted “Empty Sanguinarix” anim to be sooner and interrupted sooner

  • Repair unsuitable habits of the participant whereas interacting with NPCs and vendor screens which could lead on tro bizarre poses.

  • Modified Vestige interactions to permit digital camera motion whereas interacting with the vestige.

  • In some cases, when utilizing the lamp to traverse sure platforms in Axiom, falling would set off the autumn animation twice. Now it solely triggers as soon as as meant.

  • Fastened controller vibration and digital camera shake from some stage components that ignored if the participant turned that choice off within the menu.

Degree Disign

  • A puzzle involving umbral platforms on the Empyrean could possibly be exploited by utilizing soulflay on one of many platforms from a selected angle.

  • A streaming quantity has been adjusted in Pilgrim’s Perch to make sure that some belongings don’t seem too late for the participant.

  • Revised the obstacles in one of many shortcuts to not pressure the participant to undergo the Umbral absolutely; now it may be crossed by merely elevating the lamp.

  • Barely adjusted the backstab tutorial to forestall the enemy from generally going by means of the fence.

  • Fastened a problem the place gamers might work together with a Soulflay Chain from the bottom in Skyrest Bridge, bypassing one step of the puzzle.

  • An invasion space at Pilgrim’s Perch could possibly be simply deserted with a easy soar. To handle this exploit, we’ve added a further “moth-wall”.

  • Fastened a problem the place gamers might work together with the Soulflay Chain from the bottom within the Swamp space. This repair prevents gamers from bypassing one step of the puzzle.

  • Lock-on focusing on has been re-enabled for ambush enemies within the following areas: Forsaken Fen, Fitzroy’s Gorge, Cursed Fief, Redcopse, Sunless Skein, and Manse of the Hallowed Sentinels.


  • Revised multiplayer timings and pings to prioritize good connection between gamers, as an alternative of connecting quick with greater pings.

  • Deactivated the Orian protector function so we are able to carry it again with a extra attention-grabbing loop in it. Orian protecto was getting into a participant being invaded to assist out on the combat. Was complicated to gamers and reported as bug. So we’re redesigning it.

  • Fastened a problem the place the audio from the host might generally not be heard by the consumer when in spectator mode after dying.

  • Fastened a problem during which the consumer might lose the flexibility to maneuver below sure circumstances.

  • We’ve detected a problem during which shoppers leveling up in vestiges might lose their progress below sure circumstances.



  • The 4000 books on the cabinets at Bramis Fortress now lack collision to scale back reminiscence utilization.

  • It was gardening day on the Fief, and a number of other bushes have been optimized.

  • Sure UI textures have been optimized to load extra rapidly and scale back their VRAM utilization.

  • Revised some world textures to scale back reminiscence utilization with none obvious loss in visible high quality.

  • Collisions inside a secret area at Bramis Fortress (with a gaggle of enemy drones) have been optimized and adjusted.

  • We have now closely optimized the sport thread for calculating navmesh, adhering to a most processing time finances.

  • Umbral eggs have been optimized to verify for participant place solely after they’ve been opened.

  • Collision optimizations within the Decrease Calrath storehouse environment.

  • A number of further collision optimizations have been applied to liberate reminiscence and enhance the sport’s efficiency.

  • The navmesh has been optimized additional to keep away from potential hiccups and micro-stutters.

  • We’ve began a rework on how the animations of complicated enemies are calculated to realize further efficiency with out compromising high quality.

  • Skyrest has undergone additional optimization of its partitions to enhance efficiency.

  • Ruiner’s totems have been optimized.

  • Parasites have acquired a further optimization move.

  • Enhancements have been made to shadow value and overdraw within the Skyrest bridge space.

  • A slight animation finances optimization has been applied to make sure that hidden enemies don’t blink. Why would they blink? As an alternative, they may preserve their eyes vast open, ready for the participant to seem, permitting for a simpler ambush.


  • Adjusted Soulflay texture sizes and supplies to be simpler to deal with by GPU.

  • Reworked some UI components to free some reminiscence.

  • Decreased surroundings interplay reminiscence allocation to free reminiscence (~16MBs).

  • Anchor pictures are actually loaded solely when interacting with vestiges.

  • Fastened a number of textures used “everywhere” to scale back video reminiscence (~10MBs)


  • In one of many character’s quests, there was a giant door that will disappear. Now, when it disappears, it does so with fashion, as we’ve added moth particle methods to the disappearance.


  • Fastened crash that might occur when interacting with an NPC character and one way or the other the NPC character actor is just not prepared

  • Fastened crash that might occur when opening the stock and an merchandise is faraway from it when filtering the classes (DLC gadgets that not exist in participant’s stock)

  • Fastened crash when attempting to set the outline of an merchandise that not exists (DLC gadgets that not exist in participant’s stock)

  • Fastened crash that occurred when soulflaying sure entities

  • Repair for crash not clearing a c++ timer for the foggates

  • repair for crash when attempting to know which ammo slot we have now chosen without having a legitimate stock element

  • Including a verify to ensure we have now a participant pawn on the consumer earlier than attempting to disable interactions.

  • Repair a really uncommon crash that might occur when choosing up, and the merchandise is perhaps gone whereas taking part in the montage.

  • Ensure that the payload within the set off occasion is appropriate and finish the flexibility in any other case.

  • Fastened crash that might occur when an NPC was speaking, below very particular circumstances.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash that might occur when enemies have been focusing on gamers for his or her skills.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash that might occur when interacting with sure interactables.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash that might occur with some niagara particles that left a path behind them.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash that might occur when working out of ammo and attempting to do an motion that consumes ammo.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash associated to participant spawning in multiplayer by the host, when the consumer continues to be not absolutely prepared.

  • Fastened a uncommon crash that might occur when resurrecting in an anchor.

  • Fastened a possible crash when being invaded by a participant that disconnects on the proper body.

  • Fastened a crash that might happen when the soulflayed character is destroyed whereas the participant has not but completed the soul flay pull animation.

  • Fastened a crash that might happen when the GameThread timed out ready for RenderThread after 120 seconds.

  • A failsafe has been added to forestall an entry violation crash in DirectX. The suspicion is that the RHI texture is deleted earlier than FD3D12DynamicRHI::RHIAsyncCreateTexture2D returns.

  • A sneaky bug has been mounted the place decrease supported AMD playing cards might crash when utilizing 32-bit wave operations in shaders as an alternative of 64-bit.

  • We’ve are actually calling TerminateOnGPUCrash() when the GPU has really crashed, not when it’s unresponsive, to get higher data on Sentry in case of crashing.

  • Fastened a problem the place the unsuitable descriptor was handed to the d3d12Resource constructor, leading to asserts when getting useful resource allocation information for shared buffers.

  • Fastened a crash that might happen when an actor within the technique of being soulflayed was destroyed earlier than the participant might end the pull animation.

  • Fastened a really uncommon crash that occurred when repeatedly hitting partitions. Sometimes, the wall would take revenge and crash your recreation.

  • Fastened a crash that might occur when interacting with the vestige, below very particular circumstances.

  • We mounted a crash that might happen when enemy AIs used their skills in particular circumstances.

  • Fastened a possible GPU crash brought on by the preliminary cinematic resizing the viewport. Now it fades to black till we resolve the ratio-changing engine hiccups on some GPUs.


  • Repair for the skip cinematic button not showing when any secret is pressed

  • Modified max size for on-line session passwords to eight characters. We see individuals on-line often goes for 4-6 lengthy character phrases.

  • Splash display now has some further sounds.

  • now for those who equip an ammo or spell that can’t be used, we present the (X) additionally within the widget

  • Fastened a bug during which the character title pop-up couldn’t be closed with the gamepad if spamming (A) or (B) whereas opening.

  • we reverted the “any button shows (A) to skip” in cinematics as we noticed that on some units this wasn’t working effectively. Will come again tomorrow.

  • Fastened a show concern for stackable gadgets bought in distributors, the place it might present the next quantity than the precise obtainable purchaseable quantity after going by means of an anchor as soon as.

  • Improved navigation on Faction Shrines with a gamepad, so that you don’t need to go all the way in which down to maneuver from tier to tier.

  • Elevated the password restrict for multiplayer to eight characters.

  • Eliminated a immediate warning of the presence of an umbral path from a boss area, and it now solely seems after the combat is over.

  • Work together prompts generally weren’t displaying the right keybinding, relying on the chosen key.


  • Adjusted banners FX angle that might generally be rotated an excessive amount of.

  • Poison and Umbral Mist reworked to look higher after seeing it pixelated on some streams.

  • Dart Fan optimized

  • Steps VFX now disappear when off-screen, as an alternative of being frozen (but nonetheless calculated)

  • The lightreaper soar assault wanted one other move to make it extra spectacular.

  • Cleric’s weapon now doesn’t have skinnin points.

  • Crossbowmen now have extra noticeable and perdurable arrow trails to extend visibility and directionality


  • decrease lod2 and lod3 material was lacking on the effigy of scorn

  • A number of armor units, together with the Marksman Armour, Sin-Piercer belt, and Condemned chest, have been adjusted to handle minor clipping points that occurred when utilizing excessive character sizes (sturdy or skinny).

  • Just a few fireplace decals in Decrease Calrath have undergone additional optimization and visible enhancement.

  • Fastened a problem the place a bush was clipping by means of a wall within the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers.

  • Digicam vibrations on some elevators have been adjusted to scale back exaggerated digital camera shakes.

  • Fastened a soulflayable spirit that was exhausting to hit as a result of artwork surrounding it.

  • The LOD (Degree of Element) settings of the Strider have been up to date to handle a problem the place the jewellery would behave unexpectedly when transitioning from LOD1 to LOD0. This replace ought to end in a smoother and extra visually constant expertise with the Strider character within the recreation.

  • Fastened a torn skirt by resetting the bones to their reference pose. This was found whereas cleansing her abp for optimization.

  • Fastened some floor artifacts within the Forsaken Fen.

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