Significant Rust update makes disputable battle changes

Developer Facepunch Studios has delivered another Rust update that rolls out questionable improvements to the sandbox endurance shooter.


This is the greatest purge to Rust’s gunplay since weapons were presented just about quite a while back, assisting with modernizing the game and keep it feeling new. While some stalwart players love the vibe of Rust’s firearms, others viewed battle as clumsy and baffling, possibly making novices bob off after a short while.

The new Rust update centers around weapon pull back and the player’s most memorable individual view with further developed movements. Natural highlights like a hit cross, crosshair, and directional markers all assistance to align Rust more with other web-based shooters, causing enthusiasts of the class to feel more at home.

Rust Update Overview – Combat Changelog

  • Updated recoil
  • Added Hit cross
  • Added directional hit markers
  • Added hit punch
  • Added Crosshair
  • Added Handmade LMG
  • Added broadened Magazine
  • Added Spray Can Decal Pack
  • New covered work truck train
  • Added undetectable spawnable plunder prefabs for map makers
  • Added Scientists to the Launch Site monument
  • Added sidings to rail network
  • Parenting to a substance in a demo shot will presently appropriately be kept in the shot
  • Compound bow currently loses less strength while held back
  • Reduced landmine size
  • Add “autofocus” choice to enter fields for Community UI
  • Improved execution while getting resources
  • Jittery magnet crane turn is smoother
  • Added SedanRail element for administrators. Spawnable just on rails
  • Horses presently get a similar speed help on rail as they do on road
  • WorkCart screen currently shows the quantity of associated train vehicles, blares when another one is associated, and the entire screen show is 40% brighter
  • Added FPS counter configs to the choices menu
  • Improved stacking screen on ultra widescreen
  • Basic ammunition types can now be made from the blending table
  • Fixed some UI design issues on the replying mail UI
  • Fixed helicopters being noticeable when inactive at significant distances (likewise applied same way of behaving to Hot Air Balloons)
  • Fixed Spear Gun not showing up in players hands accurately when prepared (impacted players and NPC’s)
  • Fixed auto turret missing open/close UI sounds
  • Fixed stride sounds continuously being shoeless sounds subsequent to changing to other footwear
  • Fixed freight transport RHIB being unusable after waiter restart (RPC error)
  • Fixed freight transport RHIB spilling fuel and capacity substance after waiter restart
  • Fixed sun powered chargers highlighting the sun’s area in the waiter’s focal sky vault rather than the sun’s actual heading. Light point on sun powered chargers presently consistently matches noticeable sun position
  • Fixed drifting wooden blockade cover
  • Fixed invalid shots while shooting under low ceilings

For a more top to bottom gander at the most recent Rust update (which likewise adds another weapon) you can peruse the full fix notes via Steam.


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