No PC Patches for Mass Effect Andromeda Pirates


It didn’t produce long for Mass Results Andromeda to hacked and pilfered on PC, in spite of being safeguarded by Denuvo DRM. Notwithstanding, apparently EA has one more stunt up their sleeves to deflect robbery of the game by adding another rendition of Denuvo in the game’s most recent PC patch.

That fix, which many anticipated, fixed a portion of the visual peculiarities that the game had at send off, close by a bunch of different enhancements to the game. (You can find those patch notes here)

What this new adaptation of Denuvo implies for the individuals who pilfered Mass Effect Andromeda is that they’ll be left with the vanilla rendition of Mass Effect Andromeda for the forseeable future as there is no break accessible for this variant of the counter robbery DRM.

More games ought to be moving to this rendition of Denuvo if they have any desire to deflect theft of their games. Nier: Automata, Dead Rising 4, and 2Dark, all which utilize the innovation presently can’t seem to appear on well known deluge locales where individuals download the broke renditions of the games.

Though the waiting game is never finished. The first Denuvo was broken and this one probably will be as well. Up to that point, it’s dead faces in Mass Effect Andromeda for the people who decided to download the game illegally.

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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