Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide: Empress – Haru Okumura

Haru Okumura is the holder of the Empress Arcana, in addition to each a celebration member and Confidant in Persona 5 Royal. She is a third-year pupil and the daughter of Okumura Meals CEO Kunukazu Okumura. Haru is launched on 09/15 and you may start her Confidant on 10/30 after clearing her father’s palace. She is accessible throughout the daytime every single day besides Sunday and could be discovered on Shujin Academy’s rooftop.

As with most Confidants, there isn’t a restrict on when you may rank Haru up. So long as you obtain Rank 10 earlier than reaching an ending you may full the Empress Confidant. Additionally, at Rank 9 you could have the choice to romance Haru, which adjustments the dialogue choices for the next rank.

Persona 5 Royal: Haru Okumura Confidant expertise

Under are the abilities and advantages acquired from ranking up the Empress Confidant. The standout expertise are Cultivation, Soil Enchancment, Shield, and each awakenings. Very like all occasion members it’s value rating Haru up as doing so offers advantages in battle and entry to her advanced Personas, Astarte and Lucy. Additionally, the greens grown by her Confidant are amongst a few of the greatest SP restoration gadgets in Persona 5 Royal.

  • Rank 1 – Cultivation: Lets you develop greens with Haru on the Shujin Academy rooftop.
  • Rank 3 – Observe Up: Likelihood to carry out a follow-up assault if Joker’s assault doesn’t down the enemy.
  • Rank 4 – Celeb Discuss: If negotiation amidst a gaggle of Shadows fails, you may strive once more.
  • Rank 6 – Harisen Restoration: Likelihood to remedy standing illnesses inflicted upon occasion members.
  • Rank 7 – Soil Enchancment: Decreases the full period of time it takes to domesticate greens.
  • Rank 8 – Endure: Likelihood to resist an in any other case deadly assault with 1 HP remaining.
  • Rank 9 – Shield: Likelihood to defend Joker from an in any other case deadly assault.
  • Rank 10 – Second Awakening: Evolves Haru’s Milady Persona into Astarte.
  • Rank 10 –  Third Awakening*: Evolves Haru’s Astarte Persona into Lucy.

*Haru’s Third Awakening is simply triggered within the third semester.

Persona 5 Royal: Haru Okumura Confidant solutions

These are the very best solutions to present throughout hangout occasions with Haru Okumura. The solutions listed have been both chosen as a result of they provide essentially the most social factors or as a result of they’re required for particular unlocks. If a selected reply doesn’t matter, it will likely be listed as ‘ANY,’ so be happy to select no matter you need.

  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2 (Requires Proficiency: Transcendent)
    • “You like coffee?” or “Are you opening a café?”
    • He sounds suspicious.
    • It is a advanced situation.
  • Rank 3
    • ANY
    • I don’t wish to go together with you.
    • “Not yet,” or “Too many times to count.”
    • Good response.
  • Rank 4
    • It have to be superb.
    • “I can’t let you do that,” or “Cheers.”
    • ANY
    • Let’s ask him.
    • I’m probably not certain.
    • Let’s get espresso once more someday.
  • Rank 5
    • Anyone’s telling the reality.
    • There needs to be one other means.
    • I don’t suppose so.
    • Pinch your self.
Haru Okumura Confidant Persona 5 Royal Correct Dialogue Choice

Persona 5 Royal Haru confidant Rank 6 occasion. Screenshot by PC Invasion

  • Rank 6
    • “That’s fascinating,” or “Can you make some for me?”
    • I had no concept.
    • “That would be bad,” or “Black like coffee?”
    • ANY
    • Be sturdy, Haru.
    • You possibly can speak to me anytime.
  • Rank 7
    • ANY
    • What do you wish to do?
    • ANY
    • ANY
    • I’ll at all times have your again.
  • Rank 8
    • The soil?
    • “It’ll help him understand you,” or “He’s going to love it.”
    • “I’ll be cheering for you,” or “You’re amazing, Haru.”
    • I would like some too.
  • Rank 9
    • ANY
    • “I’m sure you’ll do great.” or “Give it all you’ve got, Haru.”
    • “You’re very welcome,” or “You did amazing.”
    • “He saw us as good friends,” for platonic. “I like you too, Haru,” for love.
    • “You sound so happy,” for platonic. “I wanted to hear your voice,” or “I miss you,” for love.
  • Rank 10 (Platonic)
    • You’ve accomplished nice, Haru.
    • I’m certain you’ll succeed.
    • ANY
    • ANY
  • Rank 10 (Romance)
    • You’ve accomplished nice, Haru.
    • I’m certain you’ll succeed.
    • ANY
    • “I’m glad too,” or “Just my teammate?”

Word: For info on the opposite confidants in Persona 5 Royal like Haru Okumura take a look at our Confidant guides hub.

Persona 5 Royal could be purchased on Steam.

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