PUBG Beats LoL As Top Viewed Game On Twitch In August


Love it or disdain it, League of Legends has been probably the greatest title in the gaming scene since the time it burst on the scene in 2009. No spot is preferable proof of that reality over Twitch, where it was the top game for 3 whole years in a row. Notwithstanding, it appears to be that streak was broken in August because of the flooding prominence of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

This development was revealed on Twitter by GAMOLOCO, a site that tracks and records Twitch live streaming viewership information. By enlisting on the site and deciding to show the information by month, you can see the different boundaries that were utilized to reason that PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds did without a doubt take down League of Legends as the most-seen game on Twitch in August.

Here is a fast breakdown:

*For reference, Max CCV’s alludes to the largest number of simultaneous watchers, AVG CCV’s alludes to the typical number of simultaneous watchers, AVG Channels alludes to the typical measure of channels streaming the game and ACC alludes to the typical measure of watchers per channel.


As you can see, PUBG figured out how to destroy LoL in each and every classification with the exception of ACC (normal measure of watchers per channel) and that can be owed to the way that regardless of having a comparative measure of normal simultaneous watchers, there were was almost 1000 additional channels streaming the game on average.

Some of you will definitely be asking why this improvement is nothing to joke about, so here’s how things are: from Oct. 2014 to July 2017, League of Legends has been on an outright tear on Twitch, reliably posting bigger numbers than some other title to be delivered inside that period. Presently, envision probably the most advertised up titles that have emerged inside that period, for example, different CoD titles, Dark Souls 3, No Man’s Sky, Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5, and consider that even at their pinnacle, they couldn’t demolish a game that turned out in 2009 for even a month. Whether or not it was an AAA title or not, League of Legends couldn’t be beat. For hell’s sake, even Blizzard’s Overwatch — which many accepted would turn into the authoritative eSports title — lacked the ability to contact it.

Yet in spite of all that, a game that comes up short on help of any significant distributer and is still particularly in its trying stage figured out how to do what no other title on Twitch could.

Now, obviously, the inquiry that should be posed is the reason this happened in any case. The response probably has to do with the idea of every game.


League of Legends, with all its astonishing plays, rebounds and engaging minutes at different competitions, is as yet an entirely unsurprising game. A watcher who knows about the game can frequently accurately foresee who will win in a path in light of the coordinate and can now and again even tell who will dominate the whole game in view of each group’s general piece. Simply an unpreventable truth a few bosses enjoy an upper hand over others and an individual in the disadvantageous position will quite often lose except if their partner delivers the proper measure of help — however, obviously, this game-plan will be unsurprising too. There are certainly exceptions and a lot of amazements to be had, yet LoL frequently winds up in a perpetual state for a drawn out timeframe except if Riot (or an expert player) shakes things up.


Conversely, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as a fight royale, is in a condition of steady confusion. However the common principle — be the lone survivor — is generally the very, how that objective is accomplished changes on a game-by-game premise. For instance, the protected zone recoils as the match advances, constraining players to come into contact with each other, as well as empowering them to utilize different playstyles and strategies inside a solitary match. Also, realizing that anything can occur at some random time causes an outrageous measure of pressure that is unparalleled by practically some other kind. Each activity should be arranged out or consider or you could end up being gunned down inexplicably. On the other side, there’s nothing preventing you from being promptly gunned downward on going into a house, making any measure of arranging and strategies useless.

Though this clearly doesn’t represent everybody, it’s basically more energizing to watch a game that tracks down better approaches to invigorate you with each match, than one which will play out something very similar beyond mitigating circumstances.

So what does this mean?

For League of Legends, not much. It sounds messy to say this, yet runner up is completely fine — particularly assuming it’s actually posting serious areas of strength for unimaginably. Nothing has proposed that the game is in decline and there’s nothing preventing it from recovering ahead of everyone else once the following significant fix emerges. Love it or disdain it, LoL seems as though it will be hanging around for the long haul.

On the other hand, this implies a ton for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. As expressed previously, this game hasn’t been formally delivered at this point it actually figured out how to take down League of Legends — regardless of whether just for one month. There has been a few rounds of its kind previously, yet nothing very like PUBG. Many have praised its enthusiastically and it has been breaking records left and right, with some adage it is an obvious choice for Game of the Year.

At this point, even downers need to concede that PUBG is certifiably not a dud, yet a real social phenomenon.

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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