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Studying of extra superior strategies in Floodland is extraordinarily vital. You want all of the instruments if you would like your individuals to outlive, attain new areas, and thrive in an inhospitable atmosphere. Right here’s our Floodland information that can assist you with analysis applied sciences and the tech tree.

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Floodland information – Research applied sciences and tech tree

First issues first, if you wish to analysis applied sciences in Floodland, then you definately want to concentrate on materials and buildings that allow you to generate the necessary points. With out these, you’ll be able to expertise a bottleneck, one the place it takes too lengthy to unlock a brand new tech, and your survivors find yourself beset by disasters.

As for the tech tree in Floodland, it’s divided into 4 teams and two further progression-based variants:

  • Outer circle (i.e., new begin, garbage, wooden, and the like) – These decide the forms of techs that might be researched, in addition to the buildings that may be constructed, as soon as the utilization of sure supplies has been realized.
  • Internal circle (i.e., Energy Plant, Reclaimed Turbine, and others) – These are largely progression-based as you discover different areas and management vital amenities.
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The techs and buildings listed below are associated to manufacturing industries and analysis:

  • Examine – Research choices and Clan XP beneficial properties.
  • Sorting Hut – Garbage, rubble, and scrap.
  • Logging Hut and Woodcutting Station – Gathers wooden and converts the fabric into planks respectively.
  • Charcoal Mound – Turns wooden into coal.
  • Forge – Turns charcoal and scrap into steel.
  • Concrete Mixer – Turns rubble into cement.
  • Plastic Recycling Station – Recycles garbage into plastic.


These are associated to gathering edible sources and cooking them:

  • Fishing Dock and Shellfish Put up chain – Produces Dangerous Meals.
  • Forager Hut chain – Produces Secure Meals.
  • Water Nonetheless chain – Produces Potable Water.
  • Area Kitchen chain – Converts Dangerous Meals into Secure Meals.
  • Mill chain – Turns soybeans into flour.
  • Baker Station chain – Turns flour into Secure Meals.
  • Insect Hut chain – Turns soybeans into Secure Meals.

Be aware: You may study extra in our food and water guide.

Floodland Tech Tree Research Technology Guide 2a

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This part of the tech tree in Floodland permits you to attain new areas, create new districts, or enhance your storage capabilities:

  • Reclaimed Radio Tower – Unlocks Expeditions; later techs allow you to create new districts, construct piers, and assemble a camp on water.
  • Storage – Will increase world inventory of things; distributes supplies to close by areas.
  • Path – Create new roads to minimize journey time.
  • Instruments – The hacksaw, sledgehammer, and welding torch allow you to dismantle sure objects to acquire sources.

Be aware: You may study extra in our Expedition and Districts guide.


This panel is all about conserving your survivors in tip-top situation:

  • Tent Houses – The sleeping quarters of your individuals.
  • Medical Tent – Makes use of drugs to remedy those who get sick; can quarantine those which are severely unwell.
  • Natural Station – This chain produces drugs.
  • Utilities – Later, you’ll be able to improve buildings to have electrical energy. There are additionally choices that generate extra energy.
Floodland Tech Tree Research Technology Guide 2b

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Floodland is accessible by way of Steam.

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