Stellaris: First Contact guarantees new origin tales and cloaking gadgets

Paradox Interactive has revealed Stellaris: First Contact, the brand new Story Pack for his or her sci-fi grand technique sport that enhances the opening to a marketing campaign with new origin tales to your chosen civilisation.


Up till now, the beginning of every Stellaris marketing campaign has seen your civilisation take its first steps into house by itself, solely coming into contact with close by alien races as you your self are exploring. First Contact will present a set of recent origins about being met by post-FTL races. Right here’s the brand new origins you can select:

  • New Origins:
    • Damaged Shackles: You didn’t take to the celebs; you have been taken to the celebs as an alien captive! Now, you and your fellow prisoners have overtaken the ship and located yourselves banding collectively to outlive and thrive as a various new group. Are you able to rise to greatness from this humble origin… and can your former captors take discover?
    • Payback: Nobody would have believed your world was being watched keenly by intelligences larger than your individual – till they invaded. However you didn’t go quietly into the evening! Your civilization has repelled a would-be conqueror from house, and with sudden entry to their superior know-how, you’re about to find simply what else is on the market past the celebs!
    • Worry of the Darkish: As you’ve explored your house system, you’ve at all times suspected you weren’t alone within the galaxy… particularly when one among your planets abruptly suffered an “incident” some time again. A really giant faction of your individual individuals have lengthy advocated in opposition to tempting destiny out at midnight abyss of the unknown. What path will you select as you end up needing room to develop?

Not solely that, however there’s new occasions and interactions accessible for pre-FTL civilisations that you could possibly encounter as your empire expands. These will depend upon their stage of know-how and consciousness of your presence, being formed partially by your decisions.

Lastly, new cloaking know-how will allow you to equip ships with cloaking gadgets to survey in secret or spring shock assaults, and you could possibly get all Star Trek: Rebellion and arrange cloaked statement posts on pre-FTL planets. You’ll naturally must counter the potential that your neighbours are spying on you with their very own cloaked ships.

All of this can come alongside the free model 3.7 ‘Canis Major’ replace which could have some enhancements and additions to the sport for all gamers.

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