Stray update 1.03 live one PS4, PS5, and PC

Annapurna Interactive and BlueTwelve Studio have sent off a new Stray update which is presently accessible to download on PS4, PS5, and PC.


This most recent fix tends to various bugs players have experienced since the catlike test system appeared the month before. Stray promptly limited into the focus on its delivery, thanks not exclusively to its special reason yet in addition being important for Sony’s PlayStation Plus setup. Assuming you’re a functioning supporter it’s certainly worth checking out.

Game distributer Annapurna Interactive is most popular for titles that substitute unmistakable difference to the gaming business’ anticipated AAA powerhouses. In a recent showcase livestream, AI flaunted its steady of impending and refreshed games including The Lost Wild, Flock, and Bounty Star.

Anyway, here’s the Stray update changelog.

Stray Update 1.03 Patch Notes

  • Various fixes for falling through the world (we’ve attempted to safeguard speed sprinter skips)
  • Additional fixes for GPU crash on boot issues
  • Fix for the feline leaving limits while hopping on gutters
  • Fix for the feline leaving limits while arriving on barrells
  • Improve low FPS camera controls w/console and mouse
  • Fix stalling out on giving Seamus the tracker
  • Fix having the option to converse with mahjong players during the breakdown
  • Fix numerous issues around VR headset render setting issues
  • Fix different Polish typos
  • Fix different French typos
  • and more!

In our Stray review, Tuffcub fell head over heels for the eccentric experience game, scoring it a close purrrrfect 10:

Stray has been right at the highest point of my gaming list of things to get since it was announced in June 2020. It fits that PlayStation selective shape of messed up games with strange ideas however honored with a gleaming shine – think Death Stranding, Heavy Rain, and such – and keeping in mind that Stray is a lot more modest than both those titles, getting started around ten to twelve hours to get done, it is only an extravagant and completely charming.

It’s uncommon to find a remarkable game these days yet that is exactly the very thing Stray is. Playing as a feline makes you, all things considered, play as a feline. Without a doubt, you can proceed to track down that thingamajig for the following journey, however there’s some vases over on that rack that are simply asking to be swiped to the floor.

Stay tuned for additional news on Stray and PS5 updates.


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