Blade Art Online: Fatal Bullet Is The Closest Thing To A New Freedom Wars Title


Earlier today, Bandai Namco revealed the enigmatically named Projekt1514 to be Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, the most recent passage in its long-running rundown of Sword Art Online motivated games. Also, if you somehow happened to take a gander at the uncover trailer and the new interactivity video, you could see it looks similar to a famous PlayStation Vita title from 2014: Freedom Wars.

Freedom Wars for the PlayStation Vita is one of the major Monster Hunter variations alongside Soul Sacrifice, Ragnarok Odyssey, God Eater and Toukiden. Regardless of the packed pool, it figured out how to cut out its own specialty by having an intriguing plan and setting, alongside remarkable battle mechanics. Very much like in different games in the class, players are regularly entrusted with bringing down bigger adversaries that require more artfulness than the typical rival; and that artfulness came as thistles, which are basically catching snares which players could use to move around the field or lock onto foes and endeavor to remove their appendages or outer weapons. What made this repairman so engaging, is that not exclusively would annihilating these parts make harm the foe, it would drive them to change their development or assault designs (an adversary with next to no suitable means to go after will turn to charging or bouncing on players, for example).

Of course, the thistles in of themselves helped add to the intricacy of the game, as there were three unique sorts of them: red, green and dim. Red thistles could be utilized to trap and immobilize foes, green thistles could be utilized to recuperate and resuscitate partners and dim thistles could be utilized to support a colleague’s safeguard or make hindrances which impeded gunfire. When joined with six completely adaptable gatherings of weaponry and an adjustable help unit with its own group of weapons, there were a lot of ways of fitting your personality to an allowed circumstance and there was little opportunity of finding a player who had a similar arrangement as you online.


The game was exceptionally effective, accomplishing the second highest all-time opening deals for Vita programming sold in Japan at that point and found a strong fanbase in different districts. Many had trusted that it would get a spin-off, particularly taking into account how the story finished; and keeping in mind that nothing was at any point concrete, maker Junichi Yoshizawa expressed during an interview in 2015 that a continuation would be conceivable relying upon fan interest. Sadly, its the last 50% of 2017 there actually has been no authority notice of a Freedom War sequel.

Yet with the expectations of a continuation totally dead, there is still a ton for Freedom Wars fans to anticipate in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Clearly, SAO: FB is anything but a straight-up trade for a Freedom Wars spin-off, yet its hard not to see the likenesses between the two games in the wake of taking a gander at some interactivity which as of late surfaced on Dengeki Online’s YouTube Channel.

Just from this piece of interactivity, we see that players will actually want to part into gatherings of four to do missions in diverse levels. Furthermore, we see that players have two arrangements of weapons and there are different sorts of them (such a long ways there are swords, guns, submachine firearms, attack rifles and expert rifleman rifles). There’s no sign that any of these weapons will be adjustable to the extent that was found in Freedom Wars, however weapons with various impacts have been a feature of the series for the beyond a few passages, so there’s an opportunity it could return in Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet too.

There’s likewise the presence of catching snares what work fairly much the same way to the manner in which thistles worked in Freedom Wars, however we just see it being utilized for development in the video. It’s as yet conceivable that they may as yet be utilized for different purposes, like help or locking onto monster adversaries, and in the event that that is the situation, it very well may be integrated with the game’s class framework (for instance, Kirito could possibly involve the snare in a more hostile way than Sinon on the grounds that he is a skirmish class rather than a sniper).

Of course, there’s as yet the opportunity that putting such high expectations on Fatal Bullet may be excessively rushed and this point. Indeed, the interactivity looks like Freedom Wars up to this point, yet its as yet an SAO title and they’re known for not having especially huge spending plans. In addition, designers currently need to stress over utilizing that spending plan to foster a game for three stages — PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC — rather than simply the PS4 and Vita.

Reservations to the side, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet does in any case mean beneficial things for Freedom Wars fans. Anything looking like a title as engaging as Freedom Wars is enormously valuable; and paying little heed to how well it does, Freedom Wars will be at the highest point of fan’s brains when they consider this game (it as of now is for some) which could make them become vocal for a continuation once more. Ideally, the perfect individuals listen will listen this time.

– This article was refreshed on March eighth, 2018

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