Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Though constructing autos and contraptions makes for some of the pleasing actions in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, making them from scratch each time can change into tiring. Thankfully, the Autobuild capacity rectifies this situation by letting you save contraptions you have got constructed so you may materialize them immediately later. Even higher, Tears of the Kingdom options collectible objects, specifically the Schema Stones and Yiga Schematics, that present preset designs so that you can construct instantly in case you battle with considering up inventive designs your self. Each of this stuff have completely different strategies for locating them, however this information will particularly go over the Schema Stones.

Ideas for locating Schema Stones

In all, Tears of the Kingdom’s world incorporates 12 Schema Stones to gather, a couple of third of the whole variety of Yiga Schematics. Each Schema Stone is situated in one of many Deserted Mine areas discovered throughout the Depths. In every of those mines, one of many Steward Constructs will hand you a Schema Stone after you converse with it. Should you need assistance discovering these mines and buying their respective Schema Stones, take a look at the Depths map under.

Tears Of The Kingdom Schema Stones Depths Map

Screenshot through PC Invasion

Earlier than looking for these areas, observe that in contrast to with the Yiga Schematics, you can’t get hold of the Schema Stones till you have got acquired the Autobuild ability. Should you try to talk to the Steward Constructs who would usually give the Stones to you earlier than then, they’ll let you know to seek out the Nice Deserted Central Mine the place you unlock Autobuild. Moreover, observe that you’re going to get your first Schema Stone robotically after unlocking Autobuild and defeating Grasp Kohga. You’ll have to find the remaining 11 Stones by yourself if you’d like them.

With these Schema Stones, you may make the constructing course of in Tears of the Kingdom a lot much less time-consuming going ahead. And so long as you have got numerous Zonaite in your stock, you don’t even have to seek out the components for the Stones’ preset designs earlier than constructing them.

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