Storm Rising seems to be a respect to exemplary the Command and Conquer RTS

Tempest Rising has been reported by THQ Nordic and Danish engineer Slipgate Ironworks, a tribute to the exemplary base-building constant system greats of the 1990s and mid 2000s, most clearly the Command & Conquer and Red Alert series. Whirlwind Rising is being developed for PC.


You can totally see the game’s motivations through the trailer, the interactivity and the story that it winds around. Set in an elective history present day time battle, there’s three distinct groups all competing for an uncommon outsider mineral called Tempest.

From the somewhat smooth looking cinematics in the trailer, the interactivity seems to be unadulterated Command & Conquer-style RTS gaming. You have moment base-working with your developments springing up like a spring up tent, you have reaper units going out to get together the Tempest, and you’ll toss some truly science fiction fighters, tanks and different units into the action.

Of course, the primary region wheree Tempest Rising can be a wide margin in front of its motivations is with the totally present day designs, with a lot of extravagant lighting and blasts, truly phenomenal looking conditions and more.

Tempest Rising Gameplay

You’ll assume the job of Commander with the Global Defense Forces (GDF) or the Tempest Dynasty, each approaching with a different 15-mission crusade that will clearly see them figure out how to control the Tempest plants and ascend to drive across the conflict desolated planet Earth. The hanging danger is that the beginnings of the Tempest will be uncovered sooner or later too… I’m crossing my fingers for quite a while voyaging shenanigans!

Here’s the feature breakdown from Steam:

  • Classic RTS base structure with quick and liquid hard-hitting combat.
  • 3 lopsided playable groups, each including unmistakable economy and play styles.
  • Each group offers an extraordinary program of units.
  • 2 epic single player crusades with between-mission cutscenes.
  • Skirmish, custom games, and positioned multiplayer matchmaking with ELO rating.

Source: public statement, Steam


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