The greatest recipes for resistance buffs in Valheim

As you little question are already conscious, many meals, each uncooked and ready, may help along with your stamina, magic, max health, and healing in Valheim. However there’s additionally an entire load of different buffs and resistances you’ll be able to purchase with numerous recipes. These are among the greatest recipes for resistance buffs in Valheim.

Tips on how to make mead in Valheim

These recipes are all made out of mead, the hangover-inducing Viking drink of alternative. For this, you’re going to wish an honest provide of honey, a cauldron, and a fermenter. The easiest way to get honey is with a few hives. A hive is constructed with a Queen Bee, which might be present in deserted dwellings across the map. When you purchase the required gear, it’s time to get the mead flowing.

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You’ll first must make a mead base in your cauldron. Place the required elements within the cauldron over a burning hearth and take away the ready mead base. Place this base in your fermenter and wait for 2 in-game days for it to be prepared. As soon as it’s ready, you’ll be able to drink to your coronary heart’s, and liver’s, content material.

The greatest recipes for resistance buffs in Valheim


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  • Poison Resistance Mead – Completely implausible for the Swamp Biome. Poison injury is halved for 10 minutes. Requires 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 1x Neck Tail, and 10x Coal.
  • Frost Resistance Mead – In case you’re attempting to interrupt into the Mountain Biome to get your self a pleasant heat wolf pelt or discover Moder’s eggs, you’ll want this warming tipple. It offers 10 minutes of frost safety and requires 10x Honey, 5x Thistle, 2x Bloodbag, and 1x Greydwarf Eye.
  • Fireplace Resistance Wine – Really feel just like the Mom of Dragons with 10 minutes of fifty% hearth injury resistance. This recipe calls for 10x Barley and 10x Cloudberries.
  • Tasty Mead – That is much less of a resistance, and extra similar to the results of actual mead. You obtain 300% well being stamina regeneration however -50% well being for 10 seconds. You want 10x Honey, 10x Raspberries, and 5x Blueberries. Sounds scrumptious.

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