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Glumstone the Giant may not be the main manager you fight in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, yet he is surely one of the most significant. Actually, he’s my #1 supervisor in the new DLC because of how strange the session goes. He’s not the most difficult of managers, however he’ll in any case keep you honest. This guide remembers a few hints for how to beat Glumstone, permitting you to proceed with your excursion in The Delicious Last Course.

To get to this chief, you’ll have to approach the righthand segment of the island. Y0u’ll detect his enormous, stone feet standing out of the side of a mountain, just to one side of the climbers.

The Delicious Last Course — Glumstone manager tips guide

Phase 1

Glumstone gets going on the right half of the screen. Stone points of support in the middle will continually rise and fall, as small elves sporadically hurry up one to smack you with a sledge. Attempt and remain on a support points that are at their most reduced. This will hold you back from getting hit by geese, which Glumstone summons by holding a “Geese Xing” sign and involving his nose as a whistle.

  • Avoid remaining on the ground if there’s anything you can do about it. Assuming you stroll on the ground, little persons will go after you with their sharp and sharp caps — like spikes.
  • Gnomes in blue garments will emerge starting from the earliest stage throw gold chunks at you, so look out for these projectiles.
  • Gnomes can be eliminated. Watch for the blue dwarves on the ground and wipe them out as quick as possible. The green elves assault you with hammers, yet they can likewise be killed.
  • When Glumstone brings down is correct hand, he’ll take out a bear that enters the screen from the left. Stand on the farthest point of support to one side to stay away from damage.

You get a parry opportunity when Glumstone pulls his jaw down to uncover a percolating cauldron. Evade the purple mists yet repel the pink ones to charge your special.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc Glumstone The Giant Guide Tips How To Beat 1

Phase 2

In the subsequent stage, Glumstone retreats to the foundation and assaults you with a couple of hand manikins. The manikins will ascend and down, throwing a ball that arrangements harm. Watch for the bumps on the ground: those are elves preparing to fly in the air.

  • The point of the ball toss relies upon the level of the hands. In the event that the hand is lower, the bob is nearer to the center.
  • Gnomes will spring up from the Glumstone’s disposed of facial hair, however they can be killed.

Your parry opportunity in stage two happens when a pink dwarf jumps out of the beard.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc Glumstone The Giant Guide Tips How To Beat 3

Phase 3: the midsection of the beast

Once stage two is finished, Glumstone will simply become weary of your gibberish and gulp down you. What an unfortunate washout. At any rate, when you’re in his stomach, you have another witch-like, meaty adversary to battle. What I can figure is his, ugh, lower esophageal sphincter (yes, I found it) acquired consciousness, the new foe slides from one side to another of the field while spitting chicken legs and bones at you.

You can remain on the skulls of what I accept to be mythical serpents, drifting on the outer layer of stomach corrosive. Little persons wearing scuba stuff will break the surface to spit darts at you. This has gotten bizarre, yet in addition great.

  • The skulls will go under in the event that they grab a chicken leg, so watch where you’re standing.
  • When a skull gets hit by a bone, it will open its mouth to uncover a pink tongue waving a pink cowbell. Parry it to drive the skulls once again to the surface.

Suggested weapons

The Spread and the Wind-Up weapons work best against Glumstone. Utilize the Spread in the principal stage when you’re near his face, and change to the Wind-Up to battle the hand manikins and, ugh, lower esophageal sphincter. Of course, the best weapons in the end function admirably for you, so make certain to experiment.

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