Torchlight: Infinite’s new hero is Erika, coming this week

Torchlight: Infinite is about to get a model new hero on January twelfth, and that hero is named Erika. Erika’s launch will mark the beginning of Torchlight: Infinite’s Blacksail season. Together with the discharge of Erika present characters Rehan and Moto will get some new Hero Traits, as Hunters start the journey into the Sea of Void. The Sea of Void will introduce the adversary the Lord of the Void Sea.


Erika is described as a Stalker from the Ichi Tribe, and she or he is supplied with twin blades. Her Hero Trait is Wind Stalker, which provides Erika pace to assault enemies rapidly. Rehan’s new Hero Trait is named Raging Phantom which permits him to grow to be fused with an Ancestor Spirit who then robotically assaults enemies. Moto’s new Hero Trait is named Cost Calling which permits his robotic minions to cost into enemies and self destruct.

A group occasion referred to as First Down can also be going to happen. It’s described as follows, “XD have also announced a new community event that will pit streamers against each other as they attempt to reach Timemark 6, and defeat the Traveller boss as fast as possible. This is an interactive contest in which streamers’ supporters will be the ones winning rewards based on the rank of the streamer they choose to back during this contest. To support a streamer, participants just need to enter their dedicated code in Torchlight Infinite’s redeem menu page. All streamers’ supporters will then directly receive 50 Primocrysts as a welcome gift. At the end of the event, all valid participants will win rewards based on their chosen streamer’s final placement.”

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