Two Control games are in the idea stage at Remedy

Remedy have distributed a Business Review for their financial backers and it has uncovered that two games set in the Control universe are being chipped away at by their improvement groups. There is by all accounts a more modest side project game and a bigger task which might develop in to Control 2. Here is the passage from the report:

Codename Condor, a side project round of Control, go on in the verification of-idea stage. Codename Heron, a greater Control game, is in the idea stage and its prototyping proceeds. Moreover, along with the Northlight-innovation group, the emphasis has been on fostering the expected innovation and devices that will serve various Remedy games in the future.

The Control games are plainly a way off, likely in light of the fact that Remedy are working diligently on Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 is in the full creation stage. A ton of work remains, yet the game is beginning to take a more complete structure in numerous areas. As conveyed before, Alan Wake 2 will be delivered in 2023. Alan Wake 2 is emerging for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC through the Epic Games Store.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Lake additionally explained:

For north of 10 years, after Alan, in the middle between each task we have made, I have anxiously chipped away at Alan Wake 2 with a little center group, conjuring up various manifestations of the idea. However, getting a huge game venture subsidized and greenlit is a complicated exertion that relies upon numerous things, some of which are outside of our reach. We never surrendered trust. All things considered, we not entirely set in stone as years passed. Every form of the idea felt quite a bit improved than the past one. It is not difficult to feel cheerful and energized now that Alan Wake 2 is at last happening in light of our most recent cycle of the idea, and not the ones that preceded that. We’re so glad to be now, after such a lot of difficult work, offering our energy to you. […]

This is a stupendous second for us at Remedy. For me by and by. Paving the way to the declaration, our inward codename for the spin-off has been Project Big Fish. David Lynch has said: “Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper.” Alan Wake 2 is our hotshot. We are jumping further than at any other time, into an expanse of darkness.

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