Varuna Contraption and Coordinates of Sun and Rain

When you’re already completed with Memory of Stone, Irate Iron Chunk, and Slumbering Roots, then it’s time to complete the Varuna Gatha quest in Genshin Impression. The subsequent goal, A Prayer for Rain on Fecund Land, entails chasing down a mushroom enemy till you attain a tool. Right here’s our Genshin Impression information that will help you with the Varuna Contraption and methods to unlock the Coordinates of Sun and Rain area.

Word: For extra details about the sport, take a look at our Genshin Impression guides and features hub. You may as well check out our main guide for the Aranyaka quest chain.


Genshin Impression information – The Varuna Contraption and the Coordinates of Sun and Rain (Varuna Gatha quest chain)

Assuming you’ve completed all prerequisite quests, then it’s time to move contained in the Varuna Contraption in Genshin Impression. Discuss to Arapandu and the gang on the relaxation cease, and inform them you’re prepared. As you strategy the massive construction, a seelie may even seem to information you. Once you step on the marker, a brief cutscene will play, and a pit will open up.

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This massive underground space is residence to the Disturbed Fungus, only a greater mushroom mob with a singular title. Injury it sufficient and it’ll run away.

You’ll then have to chase it across the tunnels (you received’t have the ability to kill it but). Every time it stops, a couple of mobs will spawn, so simply take them out. Likewise, it’s best to have the ability to tag a quick journey level that usually doesn’t present up on the map.

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Within the final chamber, you’ll have the ability to unlock the Coordinates of Sun and Rain area in Genshin Impression. You’ll see it behind a barrier subsequent to a Dendro totem. Use a Dendro character to activate a totem, which is able to make a floating decoration seem.

On the other facet of the cavern, you’ll discover a small tree. If you have already got the Classic Lyre tune that creates Wholesome Dendrograma, you possibly can play that and use a charged shot to blast the ornaments that pop up. As soon as that’s completed, the barrier’s seal will break, and also you’ll have the ability to entry the area.

Anyway, the Disturbed Fungus is chilling in the course of the chamber. You must now have the ability to remove it.

It will full the Varuna Gatha quest chain in Genshin Impression, and also you’ll additionally achieve entry to the Varuna Contraption with its personal tune.

Listed below are some tidbits:

  • The Rhythm of the Supply Water tune offers you management of the climate in Apam Woods. You can also make it sunny or wet, and that may have an effect on the water degree within the space.
  • One in every of your new buddies, Aranakula, will begin cultivating some distinctive crops in his backyard in Vanarana. It is a separate sidequest known as Sprouting Seedlings.

Word: There’s nonetheless rather a lot left to do if you wish to full the Aranyaka quest chain in Genshin Impression. You’ll have to assist some siblings with their cooking, be taught extra songs for the Classic Lyre, grasp the ability of the Kusava gadget, and examine a gargantuan Spoil Golem. All these duties are required if you wish to end your Journey with Aranara so you possibly can arrange the Pageant Utsava.

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