Warhammer 40,000: Darktide closed beta introduced for October

Fatshark has introduced that they are going to be holding a Warhammer 40,000: Darktide closed beta check subsequent month, from 14-Sixteenth October, as they gear up for the thirtieth November launch of their 4 participant co-op shooter.

These wishing to check out the sport on PC ought to head over to and join an opportunity to test it out early. Xbox players must wait patiently as Fatshark selected to delay the console launch till after the PC model is out the door.


In the course of the beta, “PC gamers will be able to visit the Hive City,” Fatshark say. “It sounds like a weekend getaway, but it is far from that. Expect no cucumbers on the eyes, and return fresher than ever; Monday morning will feel like a well-earned vacation instead. Tertium will throw everything but the kitchen sink at you.”

Following on from their well-liked Vermintide video games, Fatshark are stepping ahead to the forty first millenium and a brutal, grim darkish sci-fi universe. Loads of what issues in Vermintide will proceed to matter in Darktide, as as much as 4 gamers workforce as much as tackle the God-Emperor’s foes. Taking part in a bunch of convicts pressured into the make use of of the Inquisition, you’ll want good workforce composition and collaborative efforts as you attempt to survive suicidal missions to exterminate Chaos cultists. It’s mainly Suicide Squad, however your filthy criminals within the Imperium.

We bought to go palms on with the sport earlier this 12 months, with Miguel writing in our Warhammer 40,000: Darktide preview:

“Warhammer: Darktide is a blast. The big thing that makes it stand out from Vermintide is easily the shift to more ranged weaponry in combat, but the dozens of other upgrades and quality-of-life improvement sprinkled in blew me away. Topped off with the genuinely way more engaging and intriguing aesthetic of Warhammer 40K in place of the medieval fantasy Warhammer style from Vermintide, and baby, you’ve got a skull-stew cooking. I only got to try a small portion of the game, but if the full package stacks up with what I played, then Darktide is going to be a must-play co-op treat.”

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