New Aliens Single-Player Game from Survios is Coming to Consoles

Survios has reported they’re teaming up with twentieth Century Games to make another single-player, activity ghastliness game set in the realm of Aliens. While subtleties are generally scant right now, they affirmed the game is being developed for control center, PC, and VR, meaning we might really see it debut on PSVR 2.

What we are familiar Survios’ new Aliens game

Alien Isolation

When Aliens: Dark Descent was reported in June, many were expecting a game to match Alien: Isolation. While Tindalos Interactive’s crew based activity game may not be that game, the new title from Survios is sounding seriously encouraging. The game will be “an intense single-player, action horror game set in the iconic Alien universe” sooner or later between the Alien and Aliens motion pictures. The first story will highlight a fight solidified veteran with a quarrel against the Xenomorphs, yet Survios revealed no more insights concerning the story. The Vice President of Disney, Pixar, and twentieth Century Games, Luigi Priore, said:

The immense universe of Alien is brimming with untold stories, and chances to make holding unique games. We’re excited to work with a group like Survios who shares our enthusiasm for Alien, and for drenching fans into new universes and experiences.

Survios has a seriously family in VR games with their past titles including The Walking Dead Onslaught, Battlewake, Creed: Rise to Glory, Westworld Awakening, Electronauts, Sprint Vector, Raw Data, and Puzzle Bobble: Vacation Odyssey. Be that as it may, they’ve as of late begun stretching out into standard PC and control center gaming with titles like Creed Champions: Big Rumble Boxing. Whether the new Aliens game will resemble the last option is not yet clear, but at the same time there’s an opportunity it is one of the PSVR 2 games being created utilizing Unreal Engine 5.

In other news, the God of War Ragnarok Jotnar Edition sold out within 5-10 minutes across various districts. Somewhere else, the Sony and Destiny bargain has been finished, yet Destiny 2 won’t become a PlayStation exclusive.

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