PSVR2 On PC Is Possible, Claims VR Driver Creator

PlayStation VR2 is just formally appropriate on PlayStation 5. Nonetheless, some have been making an attempt to unofficially get the headset to work on PC. And the one that made the PC driver for the unique PSVR lately acknowledged that getting PSVR2 to work on PC is indeeed potential.

A PSVR2 on PC driver is feasible down the road

Twitter person iVRy tweeted extra about their breakthroughs about how PSVR2 can be used on PC. In a collection of tweets, they famous that PSVR2 can be utilized on PC and that Sony just isn’t actively making an attempt to dam it. Additionally they defined that it’s going to require some extra adapter “due to Sony’s design choices.”

iVRy additionally apparently posted one picture of PSVR2 running SteamVR on PC and one other running Half-Life Alyx. They famous that this breakthrough “felt great” as a result of it supplied visible suggestions from all of the work they’d completed to date.


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This journey to get PSVR2 on PC is much from over, although. iVRy said that a PSVR2 driver won’t come out anytime soon and that there is no way to give estimates after explaining it could be a long process to get everything working. However there appears to be at the least some foreseeable endpoint.

iVRy has posted many updates during the last 4 months, some of which haven’t been as optimistic. They declare it’s been a protracted and costly venture and even temporarily walked away from it at some point because of harassment from impatient Twitter users.

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