AWAY: The Survival Series Is Like An Intense Nature Documentary


Nature is something we get to encounter regular, yet that doesn’t mean we get to encounter each part of it consistently. In any event, for the people who live in the country, you probably aren’t encountering exactly the same things as wild creatures with the dangers of hunters and different catastrophes that can compromise their lives. AWAY: The Survival Series was recently reported during Sony’s most recent PlayStation State of Play stream and hopes to give us a brief look at the excursion of a creature on the run simply attempting to survive.

AWAY: The Survival Series places you in charge of a Sugar Glider, which seems to be a blend between a badger and a flying squirrel, who is attempting to endure when its house is compromised. Set in the far off future, catastrophic events force this Sugar Glider to leave its home and travel across different various conditions to attempt to find another home.

From the trailer beneath, we see extremely dynamic and bright areas, with one of the coolest looking minutes being the Sugar Glider attempting to get away from when fire is surrounding it. Making it shockingly better, the engineer acquired somebody who has done soundtracks for genuine nature narratives previously, so it ought to feel exceptionally valid in that regard.

No discharge window was given for AWAY: The Survival Series, so ideally we get a delivery date for the game sooner as opposed to later.

AWAY: The Survival Series Announce Trailer

– This article was refreshed on May ninth, 2019

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