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Happy DreamsCom, people! Today is the day – DreamsCom ‘22 has officially opened its (virtual) doors and players across the Dreamiverse are already exploring what’s on offer at the current year’s show.

A playable show floor

With north of 200 stalls made by the brilliant Dreams coMmunity, the current year’s show is far superior than any time in recent memory, exhibiting everything from the furthest down the line music to the most thrilling new games the local area brings to the table. The group at Media Molecule have placed their hearts into a show that you will probably remember forever, with a pristine look and feel for the show. There are a lot of energizing things around every single corner.

Ready to bounce into DreamsCom ‘22? Then all you need to do is click these words right here. You can also add it to your Play Later queue, so it’s all set for when you’re at your console.

Check out a couple screen captures of the show floor below:

The celebrated DreamsCom ’22 show floor entrance

A shot showing the DreamsCom ’22 photograph booth.

The Impsider area of DreamsCom ’22, with stream plan board.

A sublime outside perspective on the DreamsCom ’22 building.

Some of the numerous MANY stalls you’ll find at DreamsCom ’22 – is that a frozen yogurt stand we spy?

A wondrous DreamsCom ’22 stall themed for an American diner.

Interviews with Media Molecule and coMmunity creators

Throughout the week, we will be live on Twitch from 4PM BST every day, talking to a determination of coMmunity makers and getting some in the background information and bits of knowledge on their work. For the present (Tuesday 26th) stream, we’ll welcome on a portion of the Media Molecule group to hear refreshes on their different tasks – from energizing organizations, to impending updates to our Create tools!

A free downloadable magazine

Away from your PlayStation however need to engage in the DreamsCom festivities? Check out our DreamsCom 22 companion magazine from The Impsider to peruse up about the current year’s occasion and our makers, hear from a lot of Molecules and settle a couple of riddles along the way!

DreamsCom is tied in with commending the imagination and enthusiasm inside the Dreams coMmunity, and we truly want to believe that you partake in the current year’s show. Whether you’re showing or investigating, there’s something for each sort of Dreamer!

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