Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite Gaming Novelties

Fortnite has advanced from a tower-defense survival sport to the world’s hottest battle royale, digital live performance host, and developer playground. Now Epic Video games is introducing a brand new title into the groundbreaking Fortnite ecosystem: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite.

We had the chance to get an early hands-on expertise to get a small, but very promising style of Epic’s new providing to the world of Fortnite. 

First hands-on details: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite

Fortnite Festival

Harmonix is bringing its musical chops to the plenty with Fortnite Festival. This rhythm sport, built-in into the Fortnite ecosystem without spending a dime, offers gamers tons of songs to sink their enamel into with a number of management modes, methods to play, and multiplayer alternatives.

The primary stage of Fortnite Festival paired me with a band of different gamers to carry out a live performance for our adoring followers. Every participant takes a special instrument, together with bass, lead guitar, drums, or vocals. Performers play alongside in a tried-and-true music rhythm sport expertise, urgent the corresponding left, proper, sq., and circle buttons on the DualSense controller to the beat. The setlist contains standard artists like The Weeknd, Girl Gaga, 9 Inch Nails, and plenty of extra. Harmonix guarantees extra songs might be featured within the merchandise store as nicely.

Fortnite Festival has simple pick-up-and-play enchantment Leaping in to play a number of songs for a brief burst of pleasure is enjoyable and straightforward. The 4 various difficulties additionally provide skilled rhythm sport gamers deeper challenges. Throw in a bunch of buddies and also you’ve obtained a recipe for musical enjoyable.

The secondary mode of Fortnite Festival is a Jam Stage. Gamers can choose an inventory from their owned songs and soar right into a jam session. Right here they choose from the vocals, lead, drums, or bass of those songs and mix them with the items chosen by different gamers and discover the right remix.

Go in your Fortnite Festival tour on December 9.

First hands-on details: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite

Rocket Racing

Developer Psyonix takes the groundwork set in Rocket League and injects jet-powered racing insanity into the Fortnite ecosystem. Whether or not you’re in it for the thrills or to turn into the primary skilled racer on this new sport, there’s a ton to take pleasure in right here.

Rocket Racing is straightforward to choose up and play but has a high-skill ceiling, one thing acquainted to followers of Epic’s Fortnite and Rocket League. Whereas the purpose is getting first place, the way you get there may be what units Rocket Racing aside from the pack. Gamers can soar, fly, turbo enhance, and drive on partitions and ceilings. Rocket Racing is all about carving your individual optimized path by the course.

First hands-on details: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite

The extent of driving freedom in Rocket Racing opens up tons of playstyle decisions. “Should I air drift here?” “Is there a turn-skip possible here using the jump?” “Where should I use the turbo booster?” “Is it faster to drive on the ceiling, the wall, or on top of this tube?”

Your driving freedom could be unleashed due to customizable automobile choices. Rocket Racing permits gamers to totally edit rides and in addition drive then in Fortnite’s flagship Battle Royale mode. What’s extra, rides you’ve collected in Rocket League may also be drivable in Rocket Racing.

You’ll be able to hit the monitor and discover your drive without spending a dime on December 8.

First hands-on details: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite introduces the creativity of LEGO to Fortnite’s digital canvas. The brand new free-to-play sport lets gamers stretch their creativeness, whether or not it’s creating the final word LEGO world or venturing out to the mysterious bricky unknown. Adventures are available two flavors: Survival and Artistic.

Survival throws gamers right into a world the place the purpose is to turn into an explorer and innovator. This mode is all about taking a large number of LEGO playsets, combining them, and making an enormous play expertise. The world is splendidly enormous and presents engaging potentialities that preserve your inventive juices and sense of journey flowing. It all the time seems like there’s one thing new to find and progress towards, whether or not it’s unlocking a brand new lava-filled underground biome or discovering an enormous rock-covered desert creature. 

First hands-on details: Fortnite Festival, Rocket Racing, and LEGO Fortnite

One other most important purpose in Survival is to create your village, full with tool-creating equipment, crops, and villagers to work jobs. The village system shines right here with you unlocking extra villagers to develop your settlement and finally journey in your behalf. Your creativeness might result in builds past easy cities, like maybe a flying fortress held up by balloons, or a buoyant settlement floating on the ocean. 

Artistic mode ratchets up creativeness additional, presenting gamers with a whole sandbox to play in. The quantity of freedom in crafting right here is wild. Creation mirrors your real-life LEGO choices, both following directions for a preset construct or freestyle crafting one thing authentic from the bottom up? The sport physics are a pleasant mix of grounded and cartoonish. Large builds may wobble beneath their very own weight like in actual life, whereas explosions ship bricks flying dramatically.I’m excited to see what sorts of complicated contraptions gamers create with this spectacular toolset. 

You’ll be able to play each of LEGO Fortnite’s modes without spending a dime in Fortnite beginning right this moment.

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