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Gear up in your first look into the gameplay of the sixth DLC of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, formally named Goku’s Next Journey. The DLC retraces the steps of the final episode of Dragon Ball Z, which takes place ten years after the victory of the Saiyan warriors over Child Buu by the hands of Goku and Vegeta. On this episode, the Martial Arts World Event is the primary occasion, gathering all of the earth’s warriors collectively.

Whereas enjoying this DLC, you possibly can encounter acquainted characters who’ve aged and moved on of their lives, in addition to Pan, Goku’s granddaughter. As typical with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLCs, you’ll expertise first-hand the occasions and battles proven within the sequence, but additionally have entry to authentic dialogues, storylines, and extra.

Along with the primary occasions of the DLC, you’ll have entry to new sub-quests that may have new, distinctive rewards. At the moment, we gives you a sneak peek at certainly one of these Aspect Quests: A Day within the Krillin family.

The hunt revolves round recovering the misplaced necklace of 18, now Krillin’s spouse, after their daughter Marron returns from a purchasing spree. True to the custom of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, this quest permits you to peek into the every day lives of the characters residing within the Dragon Ball world.

As they seek for the necklace, Goku and Krillin uncover that it has merely fallen whereas 18 was returning to Krillin however has been discovered and brought by two suspicious males. As soon as confronted, they may use a capsule to summon a squad of Cranium Robos, attacking Goku as Krillin chases after the boys.

As soon as defeated, the hunt will probably be full, and the rewards will probably be given.

Whereas you’ll not face any main super-villain or world-ending menace like Majin Buu, however who is aware of, possibly even tougher challenges will await you after the World Event?


The top of the hunt and what makes it distinctive is that the epilogue permits you to see deeper into the characters’ emotions, which is a standpoint that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has at its coronary heart. On this event, Android 18 describes her emotions for Krillin, and we will see how a lot she actually cares about him.

By recovering a necklace, you possibly can uncover the hidden emotions and relationships between the characters of the world of Dragon Ball that solely a sport like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot can have the house to specific absolutely.

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